Now push…

Had a rather embarrassing moment at the gym today.

Exhaustion and a twitch in my arm during the last sets of my barbell press made me feel like James Franco.

Well sort of..


Beijing, China.

2:38 p.m.


As we go on, we remember…

I kept telling myself that it was just a while ago when I went on a month-long blogging spree and said (in a super cool, badass low tone a la Batman) “I’m back.”

Of course a quick glance at previous posts will tell you that Batman jammed the brakes on his revolutionary crusade as soon as he announced his return. He ran so fast he didn’t even need a smokescreen. Went missing straight into hiding for a whole year.

The little person in me and the prick’s nagging whispers has pierced my +5 Cloak of Oblivious. I must make my comeback! I must ignore the temptress on the dark side! I must keep writing!

I took a curious peek into the great and it seems that he too – with his persistence, determination to stay afloat, and infinite free time that could have been used to do something better – has slowed down with the posts. Can’t blame the guy really. Life happened. It happened to all of us.

We all have our futures to worry about. I need to get another cert, I need to study more, I need to get a job, I need to get married soon, I need to get that report done up for ‘the client’, I need to party and blow off some steam, I need to catch up on my sleep. While we were all busy with “life”, 2 things happened – 1) life sped on and 2) tummies became bellies, double chins became triple chins.

Sure, the only thing ‘the client’ cares about is how hard he’s making you work, not whether you’d be able to run a 2 mile stretch in under 15 minutes or whether you’re spending enough time with the people you care about. Well I’ll put forth the following – would ‘the client’ kneel beside your deathbed and say “I shouldn’t have made you work so hard,”?

I bet my ass your boss wouldn’t give a rat’s fucking ass about that lump that looks suspiciously like a tumor. While you were screaming like a little girl getting kidney stones removed, your client was thinking of ways to make you work harder. I’m sure of that. But hey, that’s life right? Don’t hate the player, hate the game. Like it or not, we’re gonna have to cope. Failure is not an option.

From this day onwards, we’re gonna have to fend for ourselves, defend our turfs.

Life, here we are. Do your worst, bitch.


Beijing, China.

6: 09 a.m.



曾经在某件事情上表现得过火了,越过了那条看不见,象征和平共处且保护着你我他每一方的线,结果犯了众憎,受人唾弃。自那次之后,我寻思,自己是否乖离 了“中庸” 之道?

古人说:“中者,天下之正道;庸者,天 下之定理。” 中庸之道是几乎涵盖我们生活上每一个部分,甚至可说是整个生命。就好像吃饭,一个人有他自己的饭量,多吃了,势必肚子胀致痛苦;少吃了,就会 饿肚子同样不好受。同样的,话不能说得过头,有必要保留个空间给大家,“凡事留一线,日后好相见”,若得寸进尺得势不饶人,最后输的只有自己,输了情谊,输了尊严。孔子说:“欲而不贪,泰而不骄,威而不猛”,前人已经告诉了我们,保持“中庸”的态度就是做人处世的道理。它不难被理解,却也令人难以真正领悟其中的道理,不然这个世界定是和平安宁的啊!



P.S: This is a draft saved from a long looooong time ago. Just didn’t publish it. I shall use this to reboot my blogging career. Comeback! Comeback!


Beijing, China.

1: 20 a.m.

Nike – Write The Future

Little did Nike know, football boots and pretty boys don’t write the future.

Drogba and Ivory Coast – Didn’t survive the group stage

Cannavaro and Italy – Didn’t survive the group stage (even New Zealand got more points, mind you)

Rooney and England – Lost 4-1 to Germany

Ribery and France – Didn’t survive the group stage (Boohoo what a shocker)

Ronaldinho and Brazil – Lost 2-1 to Netherlands (Ronaldinho wasn’t even in the team)

Ronaldo and Portugal – Lost 1-0 to Spain (Aww poor pussy..I mean baby don’t cry)

Interestingly, the two teams that were depicted to be frustrated, Spain (in reaction to England’s triumph) and Netherlands (in unfavorable position against Portugal), are both doing very well.

Well they got one thing (or rather person) right – Kobe Bryant did win the NBA championship with the Lakers this year.

Tiger Woods and his “flip-flops” must feel rather vindicated.

P.S.: Going back to KL in a few days. See you guys then!


Beijing, China.

6: 26 p.m.


Downloaded the beta and clicked around.


It’s very different as compared to what Warcraft represents but my personal preference makes Warcraft 3 look so inept.


Beijing, China.

2: 43 a.m.

I Broke My Favorite Mug

I broke my favorite mug.

I broke my favorite mug.

I broke my favorite mug.

I’m so sad I broke my favorite mug.

In remembrance of how great a mug you were, I shall mourn your untimely demise for as long as it takes.

I love you mug and I will never forget you.

Mug, may you now rest in peace.


Beijing, China.

8:51 p.m.

Tsinghua Fashion/Modeling Show

This was quite some time ago but I never got around to posting it.

So I attended this show about 2 or 3 weeks ago. Calvin, with his seemingly bottomless pit of contacts, managed to get me a D90  plus entrance to the show as a photo-reporter (we not only got ringside seats, we could go wherever we wanted as long as we’re taking pictures).

Here are some of the better pictures. Enjoy.



A little disclaimer here, my taste in girls should not be the topic of discussion here, the focus here are the pictures.

Again, enjoy!


Beijing, China.

2:33 a.m.