Tingling Finance Sense

[Don’t worry guys, no spoilers to Spider-man 3 below]

Everyone’s talking about Spider-man so I might as well be.

Peter Parker’s Uncle Ben must have been a financial consultant I say, or at least a finance student.

“With great power, comes great responsibility.” (Parker, 2002)

We all know that money = power. We also know that money/funds that come from contributed equity do not generate as much returns as money/funds gained from incurring debts. Therefore to be efficient, power here refers to debts.

It is also a fact that responsibility = liability. To be responsible means to be liable therefore responsibility here, refers to liability.

The word ‘great’ gives plurality to both keywords therefore can be replaced with words of the similar nature – ‘more’.

“Plug everything you know into the formula…” (John Watson, 2007)

“With more debt, comes more liability.” (ahfai, 2007)

Too bad Peter didn’t decipher the encrypted meaning behind his uncle’s last words. Otherwise we’d be watching ‘Business-man’ who got bit by a rabid suitcase and has since bonded with superpowers such as spinning options and forwards contracts out of his wrists and the ability to correctly blab out future foreign exchange rates.



8 thoughts on “Tingling Finance Sense

  1. fai fai,
    u too free ah??
    or u super high fever till u got sooooo much time to think of all this kinda thingy

    it makes sense though..
    so yeah… ill give u a bonus point for the creativity and originality! there u go, ur buzzer goes ‘ting’. šŸ™‚

  2. sirsc:
    hey man you found your way here.
    haha… my philosophy is more of a lame joke la. I can’t answer “Benjamin Parker” in my exams if the question asks for the name of the greatest financial consultant. that would get a comment like, “dude, Spiderman is just a show, snap out of it!”. hmm… maybe I’ll try Peter Parker. haha…

    haha… cos we were in lecture before we went for the show and Jinn’s hot chick lecturer (so-called la) Maria was talking about capital structuring. she talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk…… I think think think think think think think think think think think…….

    dono how and why, this came out. haha…

    and mil, stop taunting me with Ipoh white coffee and yau char kuai already. me beh tahannnn…… very very the beh tahannnn…..

  3. the best financial consultant doesn’t come with philosophy from book, what they do..they study how you life, work etc etc …
    from there, they fraction out how they consult you on your money …so tadda ..tats make the financial consultant..
    so name of greatest people only 2 to me…
    Benjamin franklin and greatest investor of our time, warren buffet…the others i sweep under the carpet
    those 2 good to provide one with the idea of running the world and business , IMHO lar..
    u study econ, finance, sure know more but how many are sitting on the top lists and hidden ones?
    it is true with great debt, comes great liability..so how to remain debt less?
    don’t work ?don’t study, don’t eat?don’t marry?don`t enjoy?

  4. well the thing is, we want debt. we want an optimum level of debt and equity. good to mix and match and get more returns. it’s all about money at the end of the day. it always is…

    So yea, why are we talking about benjamin franklin and warren buffett again? I know they’re great personalities but we’re talking about fictional ones here. haha…

  5. want fictional..
    james parker is real one..
    crown casino boss ~ who is splitting the empire to 2~

  6. haha… dude sesat la we…

    i was talking about spiderman you were talking about great inventors. haha

  7. warren buffet is great inventor?
    benjamin franklin is…but but…he is also finance & life consultant~

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