The Best

Dear Father,

‘You always wanted the best for me.’ – I’m ashamed to admit that it took me quite a few sleepless nights to actually realize that fact.

Since birth you’ve showered me with immense love and material provision. The pictures Mum showed me depicted a young child, surrounded by parents who bore hope and faith in him. You never doubted the person I was growing up to be.

You have not been the perfect Dad for me just like I have not been the perfect son for you. You had to be away from home to put food in my mouth and I never understood that when I was young. I always hoped that my Dad could pick me up from school just like the other kids who had parents waiting for them in stationary cars. I looked forward to your return every weekend (not forgetting our routine Sunday morning ‘Cheong Kong’ coffee sessions) and always hated it when you had to leave on Sunday nights.

I too, did not prove easy to handle. I was never a top-scorer in class and I sure didn’t put in my best to be one. Initiation was never my game and procrastination was my favorite past time. Sure I didn’t join the Mafia ‘tai koh’s in school, play truant and hog cigarettes like some of the kids in school but I’ve got to say I was a pretty volatile match-head who wasn’t slow at finding rough surfaces.

Yes there had been frictions between us and there always will be. Sparks are inevitable where the human factor is present just like racism in Malaysia would never vanquish. I said things in an undiplomatic fashion and that is just so typical of me. I should never have said those things and I know I hurt your feelings. “Kuan zhi yat yin, sei ma lan zhui”. Words deployed can never be retracted. Nails hammered can never be removed without leaving a hole. Repentance is what haunts me and forgiveness is what I seek… but you’re my father. I know forgiving me is not an issue at all because you love me.

We’re always learning. That’s why we have brains and animals have less developed ones. I’ve learned a lot and definitely realized heaps of things.

I’m sorry I have been as stubborn as I have been and I know I don’t take advice like how a sponge sucks up water but rest assured, I’m trying to change for the better. And of course, I want you to know that I love you too, ah pa, as much as you love me.

Happy birthday papa! Thank you for everything that you have provided me with!



6 thoughts on “The Best

  1. Fai,
    Thank you for such an inspiring message!!! Papa hope you’ll continue to grow up to be a “better man”. It’s quite a comfort to know that you’re able to see things in a far better perspective than before. The road ahead may be tougher than you think, you’ll have to be stronger to overcome the challenges that come along…
    So… stay healthy & fit both physically & mentally to face & enjoy life!!!!!!!!!!

    Love you,


  2. I’m just glad that I worded it right la.
    Still not that good when it comes to word selection.

    Thanks for the support ah pa!… and mil and sirsc. haha

  3. Yo Fai! How are u doing?
    Ur papa is so proud of ur post! (That’s how I know ur blog. haha)
    Had a wonderful dinner. All of us were there. I realise it was quite rare to have all the 6 Yips’ family drinking together until 12 something at night. lol. All all us were there except u!
    This is really a good post. haha now ming, jun and me gather every weekend for some sports =)
    I’m having my holidays now. 2 more weeks to go~ keep me updated!


  4. Ey Shan.. I’m doing great here in Aussieland.
    No wonder lah… I was thinking to myself, how did kaishan find his way to my blog?? *scratch scratch* Yea my mum told me that you all had dinner together but hey, I bet Shinyi wasn’t there too. Hah!

    Good to hear that you and Jun are taking care of Ming (that fella is outgrowing his limits man, keep his weight down). You’ve got your driving license right? Drive him around (he still doesn’t know his way around), make sure you speak English to him (his english very the tak boleh pakai wan) and yes, exercise would definitely do him more good than bad.

    Updates are all here on my blog. Come visit more often lah.

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