Converse Goodness

Funny you know? We posted so much about KL and the places we raided (Penang, Langkawi, Ipoh) on Tancube, so much so Jinn and I split pictures to post (and every post was packed with at least 30 pictures or more). Now that Melbourne has been Tanned, not even a glimpse of it here? Graphical presentation has always been my favorite. No doubt blogging has reignited my interest in writing, I am definitely in no position to deny pictures from their throne of story-telling. I should get a camera to chronicle our outings because I came to a sad realization earlier that my W800i camera phone is just not fit for the purpose.

Never mind that some of the pictures below track all the way back to April, just sit back and enjoy the slide-show. Melissa: “Yes Fai less writing, more pictures.” Got it, got it.

I was at the zoo Jinn’s place and I encountered a polar bear who wanted to be cool.


When you see a polar bear Jinn curled up like that, I don’t think you need a brain to tell you that it was pretty frosty eh?


Oh, I almost forgot, the unveiling of Jinn’s Mafia Beemer.

Jinn: “I dare not open the boot. Later open see dead body inside.”

Fai: “Well, not too worried about carcasses man, sekali you open cockroach fly out, GG engkau.”


Fast forward a little to the tasting of the oh-so-famous Kokoblack hot chocolate. I’d say it’s a little overrated Kathryn, but it was nice, yes it was, no doubt about it. Just not as good as people testify it to be.


Mel posed with the cinnamon flavored hot choc and it’s time for some action baby! *Mel stirs stirs stirs*

Kathryn: “Nooooooo….. Don’t stir! Preserve it’s elegance while you drink. Class abit mah.”

Fai: “Don’t care lah. Stir oni.”


Oi Kathryn, wait lah take picture first. Tak sabar-sabar badak ni…


Headed over to Kat’s to bake cookies. Me cookies virgin. Found out the hard way that cookies are actually very hard to give shape and mold. Mel, your ramblings about us being slow really didn’t help… Nope, I’m pretty sure it didn’t.


Kat: “Too much raisins!! That’s why so hard to mold.”

Fai & Mel: “Too much nuts!! That’s why so hard to mold. More raisins easier to mold! More raisins, more more more!!” *pours the whole bag in* Kat: “Nooooooooooooooo……..”


Fast forward fast forward to Smith Street/Beach Street trip.


I is flowerz.


We were pretty broke after a whole day of shopping but that didn’t stop us from trying the award-winning Il Dolce Freddo’s gelato did it? Finally, Jessica revealed her carnage abilities. Scary, it was. I’m serious.


Two words: Converse goodness.

Currently dangerously hooked on to My Chemical Romance and The Used. Explains the screwed up post above. Dinner time!



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