Flirting With The Moon

My stint with the Liang family is turning sour by the day. Aunty Liang’s mind-shattering and eardrum-piercing prattles would stop at no earthly containment filters and the conventional concrete wall serves only as a medium of transmittal. Her voice is like poison to the soul. Stirring up the calm state of the mind, it creates tornadoes that would ripple through the once serene sight of a motionless sea that I tried so hard to pin up on my mind. Raging beasts equivalent to my volatile temper are provoked into consuming me bit by bit. Pure brilliance was demonstrated by enveloping the notion of vengeance in innocence. Bravo Aunty Liang, bravo. Daughter Liang’s lungs are smarter than her. Their primitive instincts prompt them to pump out the cancerous smoke that was intended for a moment of high. My respiratory system cried foul of such abuse and I just cannot take it anymore. I must get my ass out of this Japanese encampment!

Riding in the night was never a hobby of mine. Dark alleys that revealed no ends cast doubts on the existence of unwanted company, be it mortal or beings from the ethereal realm. It was drizzling and with winter approaching, I doubted that mother nature was going to be easy on me. I soothed myself with the only thing that has been keeping me alive – a steamy hot bathe, prepared my muscles for the armor-piercing winds, latched on my helmet and destination: Unit3!

My face embraced the fresh, cool breeze and finally, I could breath again! It brought about a sensation only the Almighty Lord could incite, beats cigarettes and drugs anytime. I never thought cycling in the night could be so… life-injecting. The refreshing zephyr instilled hope in me and the distinctive smell of a subsided downpour was just lingering all over. It razed all thoughts of insecurity and I was just… chillin’. This brief journey along the edge of little suburban town Carnegie was far from over. It was like a dream holiday for all my senses. With my trusty iPod intuitively playing Sunday Best by Augustana by random, you just know it is these moments that you’re going to be missing in 9 month’s time. I simply closed my eyes, rolled them to the back of my head and savoured the moment.

That was the best night ever. Even better than the one where I kissed Esther under the stars.

Yu Yee greeted me at the entrance and I was quickly ushered into a game of DotA by non other than the dota-king himself, See Kwan Chian. KC, Jinn and I played a few losing rounds until we eventually won one. Jinn sucked at Krobelus and Luna. Noob. Hahaha! Feeder to the core.

Oh well, I guess it’s always good to be able to look back in the future and think, “I really enjoyed Australia.”



7 thoughts on “Flirting With The Moon

  1. mali mali dota dota… damm syok weh so long never dota then suddenly play 3 4 rounds… syoknesss

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