Classical Provocation of Thoughts & Bengzatation

Blogging is a commitment.

It’s like having to feed your pet goldfish everyday.

If you don’t, it’ll look like tasty machine guns and grenades to giant slime monsters in sewages.

Oh, that reminds me of Tupperware.

Freshness sealed in plastic goodness.

Mmm…. Spices? Nah we don’t have em’ here.

Unless you’d settle for Elven bread, would you?

Yes Mr. Lau taught me never to start a sentence with a butt.

But I’m starting it with a but.

Or did you mean start it with an assless?

However though, if you affix frogs and skirmishes to the already incomprehensible equation, you just screw everything.

Everything that ever made sense.


Damned amphibians.

Eat lead technology hellish demons!!

Ooooo seafood platter… Charge, utensils!!

Take Bengzatation as part of human evolution.

Some turn out good, some turn out fucked up.

Nature’s law.

Weaklings get eaten up and their souls, recycled.

Who said frogs don’t eat Ah Bengz?


Original author: F A I

Adopted and expanded from: Tancube – “Give me a shot to remember”



2 thoughts on “Classical Provocation of Thoughts & Bengzatation

  1. but i thought someone forced the others to study and don’t check out your blog wor…haha…
    and yes…im still hanging around…it’s kenny…what to do…haha…

  2. Force is a very big word Kenny. I was erm… advising you people.. hahah
    glad u still hang around bugger.. =)

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