Sing Me To Sleep

Seriously man, why do you have to take things so seriously?

Why can’t you just laugh it off?

I can do it why can’t you?

The fact that I can laugh everything off doesn’t mean that I have no feelings.

You think only you have feelings and only yours get hurt and mine don’t?

Everybody likes to feel appreciated and compromised or at the very least, accommodated.

Life is like a joke – you laugh at the punchline, not get angry because you didn’t see it coming.

You know how angry you were/are with me? That’s how disappointed I am with you.



“HUAIIIIII?????” (Kenny Doraemon, 2007)

2 pieces of information have prompted this post.

As you all would have already noticed, I don’t do news. I’d like to keep this blog news-free. Firstly, it promotes easy reading (state of mind). Secondly, I don’t like introducing more stress to people – the world is already doing that with well-known efficiency rates. Thirdly and finally, we already have reporters and P*****y (<-you know who you are) doing that for us.

Ok, informasi nombor satu:

Th14rry Henry’s finally signing for Barca (at least he’s on the verge of it).

Dude, get it over with. Stop whining and just go already. Your affair is irritating the shit outta everybody. Go. Shoo shoo!

Oh there he is trying out a Barca jersey.


He looks comfortable in it if ya ask me.

Informasi nombor dua:

100-year old Catholic sanctuary ordered to be destroyed/blasted/bombed/detonated/blown/kaboom-ed in China.

Gist of the story: The Chinese government has come up with a lame excuse (reminds you of anyone?) to bludgeon the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Tianjiajing to ashes – citing ‘illegal religious activities’. Truth is, the sanctuary is unfortunate enough to be ‘in the way’ of some Party member. It is geographically positioned on the summit, above a valley – perfect for the building of a hotel or a country villa for big shots. Rings any bells?

Here’s the full article.

And I thought only the Malaysian government had a full arsenal of lame excuses to screw with it’s people’s lives. Eh JohnT, watch and learn the epitome of lameness being fully illustrated. Your lame ass jokes are nothing compared to these man.


Minimalism (of the iPod, obviously)


Title of picture: “The best fucking iPod advertisement ever made.”

For those of you who have ‘further research’ in mind, her name is Marisa Miller. And referring to the title of the picture, yea I do agree with it, the ad really focuses a lot on the graceful simplicity (bareness if you might) of the erm…iPod…yea I was talking about the iPod.


Re: License to touch [License to waste time doing stupid crap]

I think I’ve left the notice about the Visitor Lounge Bar up there long enough. If you still don’t know what I’m talking about, click on the link and go give it some love.

Anyway, a little good ol’ fashioned keep-people-up-to-date post. Recent times have been pretty interesting. Exams are pre-historic dinosaurs now (rotting down under) and the fun has just begun.

The residents of unit3 decided to outlaw Jinn and I. Put a bounty on our heads even.


But I thought you believed in magic reindeers?

But we wouldn’t let something that trivial stop us from invading their territory, would we? The first day of the long awaited holidays, both of us went over and started a DotA marathon.

KC’s room got transformed into WarNet.

So what else did you guys do since the holidays started?


Like I said we played DotA…


…we played more DotA…


…more DotA…


…DotA DotA DotA…

Oh and I went to Max Brenner with a few buggers today.


Warm Belgian Waffle with melted chocolate. Ice cream/Strawberry/Banana toppings optional. Syokress…


Suckao as usual – nice to play with but not so nice when it reaches the bottom…hottttt

Oh and I found a shirt that would suit Jinn so much, he wouldn’t wanna take it off. It says…


Jinn, there’s actually a God who’s happy to look like you.

Ok and Jinn was being very productive and he found these 2 links.

Judging by the URL itself I think you should know what to expect already.

I’m not saying I agree with it, just that it made me laugh like “!@($^%(!&%$(&*!^$)(%^#@)*(^%&^!*&#%)&*!^%#”. Will comment on it in the next post if the need arises.

Ok all that out of the way, as you all know I’m now officially at war with my landlady and me being the usual Fai who loves writing, I wrote her a nice exhaustive MCBKNNCCB essay. If you treasured ‘angkuku‘ readers are interested, tell me in the comments section and I’ll post it up. I can assure you, it’s not gonna be the usual run-of-the-mill passive aggressive note. =)


Who Needs A Pet Anyway?

I just have this sudden urge to make fun of people. Oh well, look at the bright side Jinn, at least you won’t be the only one (but of course you always reserve the V.I.P privilege to be the first one regardless).


I wonder why they call you aunty Jinn. I’m really at a loss man. [Jinn requested that he be E.Honda. He shall be.]

Tis the ‘gone’ version of Mel. Drunken tiger.

Here kitty kitty kitty…

Kenny a.k.a Batwoman.

Q: If Hiresh were to star in an X-men movie, which character would he play?

A: Beast. That intelligent, freak-of-nature blue furball.


That snoring machine.

Yes YuYee, now you look exactly like ghost rider.

Joe thinks his shoe has flavor. Can’t blame him really.

Please don’t hurt us. I’ll bring you to my leader already.

Kwee’s hair has flavor cos it was his birthday. Twenteen boy.

Aww so sweet… Lovebirds.

Here we have the puffer fish.

Oh that? That’s the monkey. No joke.

Having said all that, with friends like these, who needs a pet anyway?

WTF man?! Those creeps?!


But hey, it’s not all one way traffic guys, you get to see a picture that I’m not all that proud of too.

Wa si “pang sai lang” (Mel, 2007) !!


Sky-Fai Adventurez of Ah Beng & Ah Lian

Ah Lian: Woi ah beng!

Ah Beng: Woi ah lian! Ho boh?

Ah Lian: Horr… Ei ah beng, I ask u ah, wat is noob?

Ah Beng: Wai u suddenly ask wan?

Ah Lian: Neh mai boyflen lo he alwiz play that triplekill game wat wat tota ah?

Ah Beng: Oh tota issit?

Ah Lian: Si lorr… He alwiz play play play then scold scold scold noob this noob that..

Ah Beng: U noe yo boyflen wat nickname onot?

Ah Lian: Haiya that ah beng his nickname sure is dragonZZ la.. He very love dragonZZ wan… He wear shirt oso muz got dragonZZ picture oni he wears wan… I ting his kalatai got dragonZZ tettooo tim ah… Si beh yeeeng leh? *grin grin*

Ah Beng: Wah yo boyflen reli veli ah beng worr… But if u say his nickname is dragonZZ i ting i got play wit him before lorr…  He noob la he.. still got face call pipel noob.. he noobest la

Ah Lian: Haiya how i noe he noob onot, just tell me wat noob mean la si lan jiao…

Ah Beng: ok la u si ah, when u go oder wantan mee la, aunti cook kuei teow mee for u la, then u scold aunti noob lorr… or when u it bakutteh, u tell uncle ke beng, he come ke teng, then u scold uncle noob lorr… or when yo flen ask u wait for him then he pang pui kee, then u scold him noob lorr… hiao tia boh?

Ah Lian: But in tota no wantanmee or bakkuteh then wai my lao gong alwiz scold noob leh??

Ah Beng: Haiya u noob larr… that wan is reality example. in tota use different mah…

Ah Lian: i dono mah u teach me lorr…

Ah Beng: in tota, noob is, when all come mid to gb, the noob will damm gaya go cheong alone. kena stun oredi he still wan to use his fleshbang to chow. but where got sohai play lidat wan? u noe pipel coming u still cheong arr!! kena stun mean kenot move la noob. kenot move mean kenot pull out fleshbang la. MCBKNNCCB niamaCCB wai u so sohai go chiong u fucking noob fucking sohaiMCB fucking uuu….

Ah Lian: Ei ah beng, i tot tat fleshbang is in cs not in tota wan?

Ah Beng: Ei ya horr… soli ah.. i mix up..

Ah Lian: Noob la luu…

Lets all rejoice in ah beng culturez.

Ah Beng jokes from

Ah Beng sees doctor

Ah Beng injured both his ears, so he goes to the doctor.

Doctor asks, “What happened to both of your ears? ”

Ah Beng, “When I was ironing my shirt hor. . . my stupid hand phone rang leh! Instead of picking
up the hand phone, I picked up the iron and struck on my left ear!”

Doctor, “Oh Dear, poor boy . . . but how about your right ear? ”

Ah Beng, ” Whao liao! my stupid friend call me again!!! ”