Jump. Punch The Air In Frustration.

Finally, a little time for myself.

I know the exams are driving us all nuts as depicted below.

But hey, brighten up sunshine.

Here‘s a little help. Chuckle a little, even laugh at it’s thwarted sense of humour, relax lah brudder… It is kinda funny. Click on every one of those numbers and you’ll see what I mean.

Addition: Paris Hilton got sent home after just 3 days in jail and she is to complete the remaining sentence at the comfort of her four-bedroom, three-bathroom home in HOLLYWOOD HILLS because of undisclosed medical reasons?! (believed to be rashes on her body) You must be kidding me. Groundings are for 10-year-olds. Teenage criminals get sent to juvenile prison. Paris Hilton, a 26-year-old, got sent back home. Oh, I feel a sudden surge of ‘justice-has-been-served’ feeling in me. What could it be? noobz…



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