Who Needs A Pet Anyway?

I just have this sudden urge to make fun of people. Oh well, look at the bright side Jinn, at least you won’t be the only one (but of course you always reserve the V.I.P privilege to be the first one regardless).


I wonder why they call you aunty Jinn. I’m really at a loss man. [Jinn requested that he be E.Honda. He shall be.]

Tis the ‘gone’ version of Mel. Drunken tiger.

Here kitty kitty kitty…

Kenny a.k.a Batwoman.

Q: If Hiresh were to star in an X-men movie, which character would he play?

A: Beast. That intelligent, freak-of-nature blue furball.


That snoring machine.

Yes YuYee, now you look exactly like ghost rider.

Joe thinks his shoe has flavor. Can’t blame him really.

Please don’t hurt us. I’ll bring you to my leader already.

Kwee’s hair has flavor cos it was his birthday. Twenteen boy.

Aww so sweet… Lovebirds.

Here we have the puffer fish.

Oh that? That’s the monkey. No joke.

Having said all that, with friends like these, who needs a pet anyway?

WTF man?! Those creeps?!


But hey, it’s not all one way traffic guys, you get to see a picture that I’m not all that proud of too.

Wa si “pang sai lang” (Mel, 2007) !!



6 thoughts on “Who Needs A Pet Anyway?

  1. dude.. way too cold to be wearing that la. and ah bengs don wear that as uniforms. supermen do. so yea the dare is on. but what do i get IF i do it?

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