Re: License to touch [License to waste time doing stupid crap]

I think I’ve left the notice about the Visitor Lounge Bar up there long enough. If you still don’t know what I’m talking about, click on the link and go give it some love.

Anyway, a little good ol’ fashioned keep-people-up-to-date post. Recent times have been pretty interesting. Exams are pre-historic dinosaurs now (rotting down under) and the fun has just begun.

The residents of unit3 decided to outlaw Jinn and I. Put a bounty on our heads even.


But I thought you believed in magic reindeers?

But we wouldn’t let something that trivial stop us from invading their territory, would we? The first day of the long awaited holidays, both of us went over and started a DotA marathon.

KC’s room got transformed into WarNet.

So what else did you guys do since the holidays started?


Like I said we played DotA…


…we played more DotA…


…more DotA…


…DotA DotA DotA…

Oh and I went to Max Brenner with a few buggers today.


Warm Belgian Waffle with melted chocolate. Ice cream/Strawberry/Banana toppings optional. Syokress…


Suckao as usual – nice to play with but not so nice when it reaches the bottom…hottttt

Oh and I found a shirt that would suit Jinn so much, he wouldn’t wanna take it off. It says…


Jinn, there’s actually a God who’s happy to look like you.

Ok and Jinn was being very productive and he found these 2 links.

Judging by the URL itself I think you should know what to expect already.

I’m not saying I agree with it, just that it made me laugh like “!@($^%(!&%$(&*!^$)(%^#@)*(^%&^!*&#%)&*!^%#”. Will comment on it in the next post if the need arises.

Ok all that out of the way, as you all know I’m now officially at war with my landlady and me being the usual Fai who loves writing, I wrote her a nice exhaustive MCBKNNCCB essay. If you treasured ‘angkuku‘ readers are interested, tell me in the comments section and I’ll post it up. I can assure you, it’s not gonna be the usual run-of-the-mill passive aggressive note. =)



14 thoughts on “Re: License to touch [License to waste time doing stupid crap]

  1. yea it was… then we stayed on mah… takkan come all da way from caulfield, makan then chow meh? we stayed on for dinner. not actually dinner la.. we just went to max brenner cos some of them havent been there before so we just had so much chocolate that we were all shit jelat, canot eat anything else adi. dinner gao dim lo… haha

  2. fuck you lah fai!

    i still got paper to go lor!
    u finish one week earlier than me!
    and im still the ONLY fool here!

    i want the letter to the landlady!!111

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