Minimalism (of the iPod, obviously)


Title of picture: “The best fucking iPod advertisement ever made.”

For those of you who have ‘further research’ in mind, her name is Marisa Miller. And referring to the title of the picture, yea I do agree with it, the ad really focuses a lot on the graceful simplicity (bareness if you might) of the erm…iPod…yea I was talking about the iPod.



11 thoughts on “Minimalism (of the iPod, obviously)

  1. oh my goodness paris hilton??!! she’s soooooooo much hotter than PH ok?
    and yes i do agree wit kenny. ting ting hooi will surely love this ad.. everyday hide in toilet roll his dice..

  2. paris hilton = slutty bitch with no 8008135
    ya know? in this picture, she actually looks abit like Eva Mendes. just not as curvy…

  3. the face la..ok!…i know it is better than paris hilton …look at the assets is good enuf to know not paris hilton ~..
    just the face and hair..haiyo ~

  4. yeah..

    that was what i wanted to say!
    she looks like eva mendes.
    but i think this marisa hotter lah brother!

  5. yea.. when i saw eva mendes in ‘ghost rider’ i was like, why so fat wan?
    some might say that she’s very curvy la but to me, she’s fat.
    anyway, marisa only looks like eva in this picture. i mean the angle. she looks like herself in other pics.

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