“HUAIIIIII?????” (Kenny Doraemon, 2007)

2 pieces of information have prompted this post.

As you all would have already noticed, I don’t do news. I’d like to keep this blog news-free. Firstly, it promotes easy reading (state of mind). Secondly, I don’t like introducing more stress to people – the world is already doing that with well-known efficiency rates. Thirdly and finally, we already have reporters and P*****y (<-you know who you are) doing that for us.

Ok, informasi nombor satu:

Th14rry Henry’s finally signing for Barca (at least he’s on the verge of it).

Dude, get it over with. Stop whining and just go already. Your affair is irritating the shit outta everybody. Go. Shoo shoo!

Oh there he is trying out a Barca jersey.


He looks comfortable in it if ya ask me.

Informasi nombor dua:

100-year old Catholic sanctuary ordered to be destroyed/blasted/bombed/detonated/blown/kaboom-ed in China.

Gist of the story: The Chinese government has come up with a lame excuse (reminds you of anyone?) to bludgeon the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Tianjiajing to ashes – citing ‘illegal religious activities’. Truth is, the sanctuary is unfortunate enough to be ‘in the way’ of some Party member. It is geographically positioned on the summit, above a valley – perfect for the building of a hotel or a country villa for big shots. Rings any bells?

Here’s the full article.

And I thought only the Malaysian government had a full arsenal of lame excuses to screw with it’s people’s lives. Eh JohnT, watch and learn the epitome of lameness being fully illustrated. Your lame ass jokes are nothing compared to these man.



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