Merdeka My Ass


Get more of these guys to herald your flag with patriotism. They might just be stupid enough to do it.

It is supposedly just another random day in the calendar but this random day, sufficient to say, marks the birth of two fellas who taught me a lot about life.

Malaysia and Mr. Kenneth Yee.

Malaysia has undeniably provided me with more than I asked for. Shelter, food, clothing, intellectual & physical development just to name a few. I thank you and am immensely grateful for that. I also thank you for teaching me about how hostile and cruel this world can be and let’s not forget about the lesson where you demonstrated how dimwits could actually run a country. We are all sincerely thankful and when I grow up, I’m going to write a book entitled “Running a country & playing government for DUMMIES” to commemorate this particular good deed of yours. And you still had the balls to ask why is nobody in the mood to fuckin’ celebrate your birthday. Pfftt….

Mr. Kenneth Yee. We’ve been through a lot haven’t we? From puberty to comparing the proximity of our respective leg hair, yeah, we’ve been through a whole lot did we? Still remember how we used to buy birthday presents for each other. I still remember that the first birthday present I got from you was a Kamus Dewan. haha… Those were the days man. Those were the days… I wish you a very happy birthday buddy. Happy turning a non-teen Mr. Twenty.

One of my favorite quotes is one by black rapper Nelly: “Some things in life you take for granted, until they gone, you realize you didn’t even had em’ for real.”

So explains how I feel now. Thanks buddy for the wonderful memories. =)

P.S: The last line is not meant for you, Malaysia. Don’t so perasan can or not?




I Love My Country But…


You know Mel, when you asked me whether this guy is my new hero, I’m afraid the answer is positive.

I’m sure many of you have already heard about him but just in case you haven’t, go to YouTube and search for ‘Negarakuku’ and linked here is the Malaysia Today article about the ‘communist’.

Take some time to read the comments and you’ll know why the ‘communist’.

I didn’t post a comment there because I have to be a member to be able to do so and frankly, I’m just too lazy to create an account with Malaysia Today just to post a racist remark there. Hell they might even charge me with sedition or treason and tarik balik my citizenship for that. Pffttt……

Written below is a reply to all (usually Malays) who thinks he’s a communist and that he is disrespecting the flag, the country, the agama, the national anthem yada yada yada yayayaya….. If you can’t take criticism? Guess what? We’re not about to stop. If I can’t post it on Malaysia Today I’ll just post it here.


“Malaysia is a wonderful country.” (Liau, 2007)

Just that it is run by people whose brains can think no better than my little pet snorky.

Woops… Did I just call the Malays pigs? Oh for goodness sake need there be subtlety in the game of name-calling I ask? If the intention is there why not make it obvious like, ‘you lowlife Malays are bloody pigs!’?

I don’t see the words ‘Malay’, ‘Islam’, ‘mosque’, ‘pig’, or even ‘communism’ in the lyrics.

Aww poor thing you guys felt it? Aww that was awkward but if that’s not the truth (or at least the hint of it) why the mobilization of your ISA, army, police, navy, keris and all?

Dude did you fail your tricky comprehension test when you were a kid or did your mum not breast-feed you hence robbing you of those essential nutritions that you obviously lack?

Pfft… Why am I even talking to you when you are clearly intellectually disabled? You won’t understand what communistic ding dong I’m talking about anyway… Shheeeshhh…

Let’s see how you like personalized name-calling pussy wusses. Refute this jackass.

If you paid a little more attention, you would have noticed that the video is a “I love my country but…” case. What did he say at the start of the video?

“I LOVE MY COUNTRY.” was the first thing he said.

Followed by “Only when you have a country, you can have a home, and because you have a home, I exist.”

Literal meanings are for dumbasses like the ones I mentioned earlier, implied meanings are for SLIGHTLY smarter people like you-know-who. So which side are you on? MCBKNNCCB!