Motivation-less & Inspiration-less

The title says it all.

Jinn said he wanted to set up a blog but ultimately, he didn’t.

So saw that coming.

F A I    =(


6 thoughts on “Motivation-less & Inspiration-less

  1. sigh….
    we’re having streets carnival coming weekend and need to get busy…right after that i have 2 assignments,1 presentation and a quiz…and the progress is 0%…

  2. are you sure you’re the Fai i know ah?
    MEMS = Monash East Malaysians Society
    you sure are not active enough in Monash =P
    I’m lazy to explain to you here la…next time maybe…i have assignments to rush…
    ciao mate…

  3. wtf kenny! become president also sucks? must appreciate ler! this society is doin good for us east malaysians! sabahan & sarawakian rox!

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