I Love My Country But…


You know Mel, when you asked me whether this guy is my new hero, I’m afraid the answer is positive.

I’m sure many of you have already heard about him but just in case you haven’t, go to YouTube and search for ‘Negarakuku’ and linked here is the Malaysia Today article about the ‘communist’.

Take some time to read the comments and you’ll know why the ‘communist’.

I didn’t post a comment there because I have to be a member to be able to do so and frankly, I’m just too lazy to create an account with Malaysia Today just to post a racist remark there. Hell they might even charge me with sedition or treason and tarik balik my citizenship for that. Pffttt……

Written below is a reply to all (usually Malays) who thinks he’s a communist and that he is disrespecting the flag, the country, the agama, the national anthem yada yada yada yayayaya….. If you can’t take criticism? Guess what? We’re not about to stop. If I can’t post it on Malaysia Today I’ll just post it here.


“Malaysia is a wonderful country.” (Liau, 2007)

Just that it is run by people whose brains can think no better than my little pet snorky.

Woops… Did I just call the Malays pigs? Oh for goodness sake need there be subtlety in the game of name-calling I ask? If the intention is there why not make it obvious like, ‘you lowlife Malays are bloody pigs!’?

I don’t see the words ‘Malay’, ‘Islam’, ‘mosque’, ‘pig’, or even ‘communism’ in the lyrics.

Aww poor thing you guys felt it? Aww that was awkward but if that’s not the truth (or at least the hint of it) why the mobilization of your ISA, army, police, navy, keris and all?

Dude did you fail your tricky comprehension test when you were a kid or did your mum not breast-feed you hence robbing you of those essential nutritions that you obviously lack?

Pfft… Why am I even talking to you when you are clearly intellectually disabled? You won’t understand what communistic ding dong I’m talking about anyway… Shheeeshhh…

Let’s see how you like personalized name-calling pussy wusses. Refute this jackass.

If you paid a little more attention, you would have noticed that the video is a “I love my country but…” case. What did he say at the start of the video?

“I LOVE MY COUNTRY.” was the first thing he said.

Followed by “Only when you have a country, you can have a home, and because you have a home, I exist.”

Literal meanings are for dumbasses like the ones I mentioned earlier, implied meanings are for SLIGHTLY smarter people like you-know-who. So which side are you on? MCBKNNCCB!



13 thoughts on “I Love My Country But…

  1. mate, are you supporting him by the truth or the arguement his citizenship is going to be revoked ?
    he is a real patriotic malaysia from overseas! it being generations since tat may 13 issue being race till now we chinese, indian and minority of bumiputra did not get the even of economic and politic position in good days.exclude soviet sarawak & sabah
    Despite our economy getting better, the feel of working together is not there, chinese being hardworking chinese, malays sitting in the duo-penis KLCC coffee everyday and super duper huge so called Court house with little imaginable human size.
    ohya, tat picture of mom breast feeding give malaysia -malay slap in the face as the NEP is the momma for them which shud be abolish since we have achieve 50 years of independent.It is true, malaysia is a country blessed with lots of resources but with a bapak yang tidak sedar akan rakan dari dua negara yang hidup sebumbung di negara namanya MALAYSIA.Jadi, maju kebawah negarakuku malaysia ~
    jangan sue saye, saye tak ade duit

  2. It’s heart wrenching to know such commonly known facts. It’s hard not to agree with whats happening but to pin it all solely on race is not the answer. Blame the leadership, blame their teachings.. theres allot to blame, but at the end of the day don’t forget that they are humans too. They too strive for their own selfish needs just as anyone of us for us being humans it is our downfall. Are they not any different from you pound for pound? You are who you are because of how society has shaped you. likewise them.

  3. ahhh joebiggie…. now that is a lecture many of my countrymen, be it chinese or malays, would not want to hear. the chinese will say that your description of the malays is not jia lat enough and the malays will say that you’re indirectly insulting Islam (and the flag and the national anthem and the agung and the keris…….)

    haha… jokes aside, that is a pretty neutral stand, a perspective I never bothered checking out. being neutral is just not me but hey, thanks for pointing it out. needed it. your mum always said you were special. now I finally get it. smart ass…

    I pretty much agree with everything you said except for one thing – I am different. I mean we are different. all we’re asking for is just equal opportunities not biased quotas. we want fair games not ‘special’ privileges. we only want to have a home to go back to. well probably that applies to me only. imagine this, the malays think that we’re not malay enough, they don’t want us; the chinese (taiwan HK included) think that we’re not chinese enough, they don’t want us; the westerners think we’re naturally malays because we’re malaysians, they don’t want us; singaporeans think we’re not high class enough, they don’t want us. so at the end of the day, where can you call home? the place where people appreciate your existence, the place where you know you’ll be protected if need be, the place where YOU feel wanted and appreciated. all they ever say is ‘berambus balik ke tong san la cina kui’, ‘kalo tak suka, berambus lah’. ok so is this the part where I say ‘mualaikum salam’?

    its like your mum suddenly telling your dad to berambus if he doesn’t like it around the house. since when did this become YOUR house? even that you can still debate property ownership but as long as yap ah loy is concerned, I reckon we’ve been here long enough to deserve 1st class citizen treatment. hello boss, if you’ve been living in the US for more than 5 years, you’ll be eligible for a green card adi lo… don’t talk about my grands la, I’ve also been around for at least 19 years adi la be fair to me la hor boh?

    that is my point of view. joebiggie, its just amazing that you’re not already a saint and I respect that. I bet its the specs right? I’m more of a ‘I don’t like I’ll tell u in the face’ kinda person and I’m sure you of all people should know that. keep those angelic thoughts coming man, helps ease the pain sometimes.

  4. sirsc,

    I support this guy. I agree with what he says. full stop. end of story. so are you clear now which side I’m on?

    and dude, May 13th is a scam man. it was all just a plot to unseat Tunku Abdul Rahman. go read the book. the one that got banned the moment it was published and then got de-banned awhile later. it contains all the declassified documents about what really happened on May 13th 1969. I mean of course the slaughtering, stabbing, killing, humping blablabla took place. just that it wasn’t as simple as we were told it was.

    ok now I’m disgusted. damm….

  5. sabar sabar…sabar sudah lama, masa untuk revolusi baru!

    oh may 13 book yes … the book i havent read yet – gotta ask someone to export it down to here in Melbourne.

  6. You see thats where the boundary gets blurred. You’re pushing for equal standing. Which is what every non bumi wants. However, blame the constitution not the race in general. Blame the ones who started this cause to me i feel the powers that be are to be blamed. Ruck up into the villages and you’d see everybody mixing without a hint of racial disparity. Thats what i see eveytime i head to Johor to visit my grandfather. It’s just how politicians choose to gather their support. Blame them. Cause race is an issue which can truly unite break ties all at once. Although i would not stoop so low if i were a politician it is still a mode of attack. As Clifford Geertz wrote that man is dictated by culture rather then genetic template thus as Hitler demonstrated you need not distort German conscience when he turned his countrymens demonic self hatred towards the magically corrupting Jew. In a sense he merely objectified a personal neurosis into a powerful social force. What i’m trying to say through Geertz’s famous theory on ideology is that the construction of ideologies or schematic images of social order makes a man for better or for worse. Or to an extent a political animal.

    Doesn’t this relate to the general view of where our politicians are going?

    I guess, studying politics has changed my perspective on things some what. I’ve learned to see things from a more objective view maybe?

    As Bonald argued; “God is the author of society. But society is the author of men.” Society and its rules precede the individual.

  7. joebiggie,

    you know there’s just no point in arguing here because obviously in Malaysia’s case, no debate can be clearly won or lost when ‘genetic template’ is a factor. you’ve clearly defended your stance with much support from the celebrities and honestly speaking, you’re damn right.

    it’s not the malays that i hate it’s just the culture. sometimes, in fact most of the time it’s just so convenient to compartmentalize them all in one category. i mean since most of them who are causing the ripple are undeniably, malays, it is just natural for us to group up and fence up a blockade. oh wait, we’re only allowed to cry foul. yea… sometimes even that is considered as sedition by the ISA.

    dude, when i was a kid i was constantly bullied by the malays and i was living near one of those racial-disparity-free zones you mentioned. it’s gonna take some amount of alcohol to change my perception of the malays…for a while.

    you wouldn’t make a good politician and i really wouldn’t want to see you become one. but you’d definitely make a good individual. as johnt would say: “会是好汉一条”. i sincerely hope you can make a difference. =)

  8. wei bugger u quote me…. but u left out the big but

    i said it’s a wonderful country, BUT u got wonderful clever ppl running it

  9. Hi Fai!!!
    i am totally agreeing with what you said man…!! Let’s hope that guy will be fine. We all shall ask Nazri to fuck of….he is the one that is talking the most.

  10. Ey KimmiSuperstar!

    well it’s really sad lor that our country is in such a state.
    the malays always say they’re peramah lah, berkasih sayang lah, bertanggungjawab lah, ini lah, itu lah but look at what their leaders are doing lah… sad la i tell u…

    but hey, look at the bright side, at least we’re sliiiiiightly better than china.. hahaha…

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