Merdeka My Ass


Get more of these guys to herald your flag with patriotism. They might just be stupid enough to do it.

It is supposedly just another random day in the calendar but this random day, sufficient to say, marks the birth of two fellas who taught me a lot about life.

Malaysia and Mr. Kenneth Yee.

Malaysia has undeniably provided me with more than I asked for. Shelter, food, clothing, intellectual & physical development just to name a few. I thank you and am immensely grateful for that. I also thank you for teaching me about how hostile and cruel this world can be and let’s not forget about the lesson where you demonstrated how dimwits could actually run a country. We are all sincerely thankful and when I grow up, I’m going to write a book entitled “Running a country & playing government for DUMMIES” to commemorate this particular good deed of yours. And you still had the balls to ask why is nobody in the mood to fuckin’ celebrate your birthday. Pfftt….

Mr. Kenneth Yee. We’ve been through a lot haven’t we? From puberty to comparing the proximity of our respective leg hair, yeah, we’ve been through a whole lot did we? Still remember how we used to buy birthday presents for each other. I still remember that the first birthday present I got from you was a Kamus Dewan. haha… Those were the days man. Those were the days… I wish you a very happy birthday buddy. Happy turning a non-teen Mr. Twenty.

One of my favorite quotes is one by black rapper Nelly: “Some things in life you take for granted, until they gone, you realize you didn’t even had em’ for real.”

So explains how I feel now. Thanks buddy for the wonderful memories. =)

P.S: The last line is not meant for you, Malaysia. Don’t so perasan can or not?




3 thoughts on “Merdeka My Ass

  1. Fai, This is a very unkind posting!!! Pa knows that this is not an appropriate forum to lecture you but i really can’t help it. Don’t be too emotional and get uptight to react every time an issue crops up that you feel it’s very biased.
    Learn to see things in a broader perspective and be cool to always control your emotion at all times when faced with issues that irritates you.

    There are so many smart leaders here trying to make Malaysia a better place to live in. Do you think all the so-called non-bumi here are not aware of what’s going on? That we are at the mercy of the majority here? We have to weigh the pros & cons of our actions when facing these issues and I’m sure the Chinese leaders are doing exactly these. It’s just like what you’re now studying ‘Risk Management’ in your Economics and how to mitigate and stay clear of trouble.

    So, in life, it’s similar!
    That is why i keep telling you to stay back in Australia to give yourself another choice to make for the future.
    Anyway, enough la.. son!
    Please take care, the future is still bright for you. There will be lots of opportunities for those who are determined enough to achieve in life.

    Love you,


  2. Hi Pa!

    So glad you could drop a comment here. You know I always go around telling people how proud and honored I am that my father actually reads my blog. Thank you for listening to what I have to say papa. At least now we have a platform to communicate on. I’ve always enjoyed an exchange of opinions anyway.

    It has always been one of my stubborn policies not to edit other people’s comments albeit being able to because I sternly believe that I cannot control what comes out of other people’s mouth. People have never been able to control what comes out of mine that’s for sure. I don’t like it I’ll say it. I’m just too stubborn to give a shit about their petty so-called ‘sensitivities’.

    I know this is something that we’ll never agree on. My blog has always been a place where I feel I’m free from the oppression of the supposed existence of the ‘freedom of speech’. How can they even say that there’s freedom of speech when I have to care for the fella’s sorry sensitive ass before I say something? Freedom of speech means NOT caring about their pathetic sensitivities and fully express myself in the way I intend to. If they take it as an insult, they’ll feel offended; take it as an opinion and you’ll have a man who can face the consequences of his actions. Like I always say, why feel offended when what we say is not true?

    Such cowards and hypocrites I say!

    Just look at the recent Auditor-General’s report issue. I’m sure you don’t need me to remind you what genius we have running our country. At the rate they’re at, I’m pretty sure the country would reach the earth’s crust in no time. John Maynard Keynes is so right when he said “the avoidance of taxes is the only intellectual pursuit that carries any reward.”

    I have always believed that respect cannot be demanded, it has to be earned. If those YBs really want people to take them seriously, I suggest they start by stripping themselves of the title and getting people to actually genuinely hormat them. Having said that, those so-called ‘pemimpins’ really have got a lot of respect to earn because frankly speaking, I have none for them. I doubt anyone has.

    Call me stubborn. An intellectually modest boy like me can only boast of firm believes.

    I really look forward to your reply, pa.

  3. Fai, I admire your firm believes and frankness but in real life, it’s a jungle out there. You can’t possibly succeed if you ignore others’ feelings and you really have a lot to learn about being diplomatic and considerate even though you may not be agreeable.
    You are going to fail miserably in life and it can be very lonely if you keep insisting to do things your way without any feelings for others’ opinions.

    I’m not saying you’re wrong, in fact this is the way of life in most of the developed countries, outspoken and frankness without holding back any punches, but constructive criticism were normally taken in good faith.

    It’s totally different here or any other 3rd world country!!! The moment you criticize, they will find ways to put you in jail.

    So, look into the mirror and ask yourself, what have you contributed to society to make the place a better one to stay in.
    Let’s look into the smaller circle, that’s your own family….
    Mum and i always say you are so lucky that you are well provided but do you feel it, and have you reciprocate to ‘show’ some love and respect? What have you contributed to make our family a better one?
    The list is so long…
    Fact is, learn to communicate in a diplomatic way to get things done, always be generous in giving praises, always be polite.

    Anyway, enough la son…take good care of yourself and hope you pick up some of my advices.

    Love you,


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