Kiss My Airs

The Snow Patrol concert was actually my very first concert. And it was pretty darn good. Thanks Mel and Wendy for convincing me to stay! Luckily I decided not to sell my ticket off.


Their hands were shaking from the excitement so they made me take the picture. Girls…


See what you get when you have shaky hands Kat? Chill lar…


Lead singer Gary Lightbody. Like I said, they were pretty darn good.

The recent cutbacks of posts is primarily due to the fact that my life has been pretty uninteresting and plain dead boring. Plus the fact that I’ve just lost interests in picture-taking. Anyhow, found some earlier pictures to entertain you people.


Went over to Zhang Yao and Eva’s for dinner.


Some random picture with me striking a trademark poise. V bitch!


Somebody suggested making green pea soup and Kat has already finished hers… Err… No link…


This is the shit man… Far out!


Thumbs up for the green peas.


Thumbs up again for the ‘thong yuen’ we made the next day.


Lagi thumbs up for the cookies we made a few months back. Eh Mel we got compilation of thumbs up adi…

Yesterday we were at Chadstone for the ‘one day’ Spring V.I.P sale. It was as if they said “Girls, please do NOT cover too much of your boobs. Clad as scantily as you deem appropriate.” As a result, the girls were too busy shopping to give a damn and the guys were pretty busy too. Busy perusing the ‘goods’ on display. You know what I mean. Amid the hectic schedule, I still managed to grab some cheap 10bucks t-shirts and a pair of jeans. Got one for little Essie too. =) Oh I just realized that I did take pictures yesterday. Well not pictures, one picture actually.


As seen at Foot Locker.

Kiss my airs bitch.



…as the Ocean Opens Up To Swallow You


To contrasting expectations, this album actually turned out to be a real pleaser. For me at least. Me like… =)

To clarify things a bit, I can proudly say that I’m a through and through MCR fan and naturally (comparing the two), the act that first got me into “this kinda music”, which happens to be Linkin Park seemed to have been producing very ‘generic’ music for as long as they’ve been around. They were something special back when they first emerged. Something new if you might but when I developed MCR addiction I quickly realized that these two are obviously in different leagues. MCR are genuinely in a league of their own. Nobody comes close. Kasabian and Marilyn Manson, you two can go fuck yourselves in the face.

Expect something very different in this album. Something very not LP, which I find very appealing. The only Linkin Park-ness left in this album is ‘What I’ve done” but that’s okay because that song reminds me of Transformers so it pretty much nullifies it’s suckiness.

Out of 5, I’d give it a 4.5.

Personal favorites so far: ‘Valentine’s day’, ‘Shadow of the day’ and ‘Hands held high’