Rude Rude Awakening


Oh fuck, I think I’m gay.

Well, the realization did not barge through my head as crudely as it did to him and needless to say, Fai doesn’t get this kind of realizations anyway. I’m sure many of you are already nodding in agreement now. =)

I suddenly became conscious of the fact that I no longer write fancy and I always go straight to the point nowadays. It’s probably because most of the time I leave the talking to pictures (obviously they’d do a better job) and maybe because I find it very tiring to read a blog that is crammed full of ‘wordwordwordwordwordwordwordwordwordwordwordwordwords’. I (erm…kinda) find it pretty boring lo… Mel I blame you, you bitch!

Looking back at the things I wrote in Tancube (Jinn you should do that since you’re so free) and earlier WordPress posts, I was pretty amazed that I actually wrote the things I wrote. I told Kah Wei earlier today that I think I lost touch with my writing sense. I don’t know whether it’s just me or what but writing actually just comes to me like how you feel a gush of emotions taking over you. It’s like how Peter Petrelli can unconsciously call out supernatural powers (oh I took the test to find out which hero I was – Matt Parkman).

Well I’m telling you I lost touch and I can’t call out shits now. Shiaat!! Kena Shanti virus!! NOOOBB!!!


Yea you.




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