Durians Are My Friends

As redundant as it may seem, I’ve been back from Aussieland for a while now and only now that I realize (since this blog was started when Melbourne City was just there), that blogging here, on WordPress, has never been done in Boleh-land. Well, here I am, doing the long overdue and the short supplied – feeding my pet goldfish.

Fortunately for me, this pet goldfish can’t actually starve to death and unfortunately for this pet goldfish, it can’t actually starve to death. Little fishie here may have been kept hungry at best but hey, 10k visits translate to a pretty admirable amount of attention. I’ve decided to change the outlook of the blog at every 10k milestone provided the streams of traffic remain as unsurprising as it has been. Let’s not make this blog like Kenny’s one (not that it has the potential to anyway). I don’t relish the thought of appealing to absolutely anyone and everyone. Let’s keep this between you and me =).

Right, the trip. Of course.


The day we rented the car, a Toyota Carib. Freedom. Yes it tastes sweet, we know.


Rapunzel personified. Yes, I insist.


There Kat, you get to be the tall one in this picture.


Fai, Kat, Apple and Lake Taupo.


All three of us went together so we didn’t actually have a chance to take a video of ourselves but this baby, looks like this when in action. Needless to say, it wasn’t us but you would’ve seen something like that.



Rafting was “one of the best activities we did in NZ.” (Su Lin, 2007) Well said.


And of course, there’s the made-famous-by-Kenny-Sia, Zorb. Only in NZ, people. Monopoly bs.


The Maori Cultural Village showed us how a bunch of carvings can all stare at a piece of rock and make funny faces… forever.


Berry picking is evil I tell you. It exposes your inner cravings for berries and most (being the 3 of us) would succumb to a frenzied state, wildly rampaging through the garden of berries. In words: best strawberries I’ve ever tasted.


In picture. This oughtta pop some heads. Well maybe not yours, Sam.


I didn’t know Middle Earth was full of Hobbit droppings.

[Translate to Manglish]: Why so many goat shit wan?! KNS!


Little Hobbit holes. Bilbo and Frodo’s is the one on the top right.


The other side of the ‘Party Tree’. It’s the one where Bilbo made his speech in ‘The Fellowship of The Ring’.


And this is where Gandalf sat with Bilbo and smoked their pipes. Blardy smokers.


As a LOTR fan, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! full stop


Kat: Fai you look damn ugly!

Fai: Well somebody has got to spoil the picture.


They should come up with a word that means “Goddammit NZ is beautiful”.


Made our way to Cathedral Cove and what’s that word again? GoddammitNZisbeautiful!!


Heh… I can be such a poser at times. *blushes*


Kat, why you so poser wan?? Lol


Looking at it now, it kinda looks like Megatron’s foot.



Kat says she’s proud of herself cos she took those pictures wor… I’d say the model made her proud. *giggles*


Say oni 45 minutes, took us blardy 2 hours plus.


You see, when you’re in NZ, there’s always something out of the ordinary to see.


And the favorite-stop-of-all award goes to: Opononi.


We weren’t drunk but we managed to lose one of those property ownership cards. Strong wind mah..


Sand-boarding. 2-minutes walk up the sand hill that makes you wanna die, 2-3 seconds down the slope (which is amazing), 15 minutes sit-down-cannot-move-adi-lah-wanna-die-adi-lah. You think running on the beach is hard, try climbing a beach.


Some freshwater lake somewhere that’s really nice. No need for the latter part I guess.


Kat: Cannot find the market la, how??

Fai: Just walk towards Sky Tower la no diu adi la…


FAI FINANCE. For all your FAInancial needs, at the most FAInancially affordable rates.


This block of transparent concrete is supposedly as strong as the other non-transparent ones that are easily presumed ‘very safe to walk on’. Should I feel safe or should I feel like I’m standing on one whole floor of ‘strong’ glass?


They have this thing called ‘SkyJump’ and you can actually see people gliding down from 300+ meter. Siao lang.


Well apparently having stage fright is not enough to save your ass from getting a boot from behind.


Let’s not forget about ‘The Baby Factory’!

“Oh, so this is where they make babies…” (Kathryn, 2007)

All in all, really enjoyed NZ. Hah! Since Su Lin does not maintain a blog, this makes me the first one to blog about our NZ trip. Kat, lazy la you Kat. Haha…

Anyway, will be back for more enthralling adventures of that Ipoh fella! Well not always enthralling, there are the stupid, random, suddenly-out-of-nowhere posts once in a while. Ok fine, most of the time they’re all stupid, random, suddenly-out-of-nowhere posts. Haha…




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