Young And Stupid


You know how people always say how they were young and stupid? Although I don’t wear a T-shirt saying that I am, I used to think that letting a baby croc latch onto your nipple under bright daylight was okay cool. Hey…we were still young! C’mon give us a break will ya?


It has been long since ‘young’ was associated with ‘stupid’ and who am I to deny that linkage? High speed car crashes, broken limbs, intoxicated lungs, regretted brandings ingeniously concealed in the name of tattooing, the perception that ‘DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME’ is a line used to scare kids off to bed, etc etc, all that, supported by the backing of historical event logs called ‘headlines on a local newspaper’. I might as well go on and say that there is irrefutable proof that such a linkage is historically accurate to the cent.

Ok fine, nice job on sia sui-ing all of youngman-kind. So shall we move on to… Wait…. Waaaait…. Before I say “amen” and start mobilizing utensils, let’s not forget about the old folks and allow them to blame everything on the generation gap.

My question here is, since when did stupid become so exclusive to the young?

Ever overheard a conversation where a guy goes “Oh… Well yeah I was young and stupid”?


You were stupid. Quit blaming it on being young, Paris.




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