Prophet, Mad Scientist Or Fai?

Today we shall discuss about a modern in-thing:

Financial bubbles.

For those of you who are alien to business terms, these little suckers are caused by unsubstantiated rises in stock prices and irrational speculations in financial markets. Of course, various other factors are not to be discussed here as to avoid this post looking like a mcbknnccb journal. So, when a financial market (namely stock markets or FOREX markets) is stretched to its limits, it reaches a point where the underlying physical market is no longer able to support the dramatic skyrocketing of prices. This will eventually lead to the bubble bursting with a sudden, drastic crumble in prices. Everybody loses (some die).

For those of you who already want me to shut up and shut down, please bear with me for awhile. You will see my cause of demonstrating this boring shit subject.

The question that yearns to be asked would be, “what happens after the bursting occurs?”

Well, according to empirical observation of historical records, market reforms and major and/or minor amendments will usually be found trailing. Government intervention of various extents can be expected and sometimes, economies that are far, far away can also be affected. Now let us forget about the last point and focus only on the earlier ones.

What it means here is that the old system is making way for better things to come. The theory of evolution – survival of the fittest. And so they thought Charles Darwin had gone over his head.

旧的不去,新的不来 (Old ones don’t go, new ones won’t come.)

Since the business world (financial markets) is essentially based on the forces of supply and demand, this would mean that it involves the doings of us, human beings.

Life, and its implications also involves, if not requires the actions and/or inactions of human beings.

Therefore practically speaking, life and the business world are actually parallel dimensions, mirroring each other’s existence and applying the same set of concepts.

The above statement’s initial validity test: – Olden days’ Chinese warring strategies/tactics are still being applied as golden rules in modern day’s multinational corporations.

知自知彼,百战百胜 (By knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your enemy and yourself, you will never end up on the losing side of a battle)

Right, now that I’ve laid down the foundations for my argument, on with the revelation, we shall.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you, the ‘Life Bubble’.

We all bear testimony to how the 1987 financial crisis precede the one that took place a decade later so my opinion is this: who’s to say that a financial bubble will burst but a ‘life bubble’ won’t?

In fact, history has it that ‘life bubbles’ do exist and they can (and will) pop given the right amount of pressure.

What happened to our prehistoric, marauding gargantuan ancestors (so to speak)?

Call it a coincidence and reject the whole ‘Darwinism’ ideology but that was undeniably nature’s way of saying hey, the days of Mr. Gigantaurs are over! Too much of brawns and too little of brains – bad for the cultivating of research and development. Life bubble 1: Busted!

Then came human civilizations such as the Western empires and Chinese dynasties – the medieval times.

The times when Western kings and Chinese emperors practiced lordship, dictatorship or whatever shit ship you call it. The men, women and children who perish usually have nothing to do with what’s happening on main stage. The reason? With too much power in one man’s hand, bruised prides most often than not, will lead to the ignition of mass bloodshed – bad for democracy and the concept of equality. Life bubble 2: Busted!

Life bubble 3 is in the limelight now.

The age of reasons, the time of modern civilizations, the era of globalization, the budding of economic development, the rise of the advanced primates and intellectual properties.

Wow… Isn’t that just so impressive?

On a side note, this advanced stage of life also brought about:

Global warming.

Warring nations.

Financial crises.

Nuclear threats.


Attempted terrorism.

Social structure going haywire.

The poisoning of young minds and souls.

Wow… Isn’t that just so equally impressive?

This life bubble is gonna pop soon.

We’re about to give way to better things. We are soon going to be relegated to be things of the past. The inefficient, the wasteful, the inept, and eventually, the obsolete. So ask yourself, what can you do as an individual?

What will you do?




23 thoughts on “Prophet, Mad Scientist Or Fai?

  1. Individual in a large *human* civilization system of 6.5 billion on Earth; to make radical/drastic changes if you are Iron Man.

    1 billion are living poverty and yet to increase to 3 billion due to food shortage;
    4 billion working/ surviving hard in the system.
    1 billion are above the average line of income and only 497 to 1000 person are billionaire.
    All this are in statistic.
    Out of 497 only few of them are well known philanthropy. Part of them in the list dealt with weaponry, defenses for the weak one; and in return what do they give to others; a life to sacrifice.
    the other take the money and go and have a dream life and enjoy to fullest with no ending or care in the world.
    the other part will just don’t give a damn about the problem in the world but profits and more profits like a shouter in mad money tv. It is all driven by GREED.

    go back to square one of your question;
    what will you do when you see the worst thing in life of humanity? try to change it of course but to what extend that a civilization it will change?lets kill people by chemical, biological, nuclear weapons ..and another side of the nation just be happy and couldn’t be bother?the balance isn`t in order anymore. The greed be more greed, the poor/helpless starve and beg to their tears for a single balance thing they wish to why not just launch a nuke to every country and it keep the face of the earth silent forever and just leaves the best past civilization could give to the next civilization. Isn’t it solve the whole maths equation of trouble.

    A view/symbolism/analogy maybe will answer your question;
    A single nano cube of sugar in a large piece of cake layered tasteless for thousand of years is hard to make the cake taste amazingly nice when it actually tasteless at the top. But to gather the right sugar ard and form another nice layer which will eventually awhile sweeten the tasteless cake.

    hav a bite 😀

  2. dude…

    u know i’ve actually gotten people with different mindsets and ages to look at your comment and they said the same thing as i did – wtf man??
    its either u’re a genius or that we are idiots cos nobody actually understood u…

    but i’ve gotta give it to u man.. the ‘large piece of cake layered tasteless for thousand of years is hard to make the cake taste amazingly nice when it actually tasteless at the top’ part really REALLY made my day.. i was so bemused that i just kept laughing.. in fact i’ve never been so bemused since….well since the last time u posted a comment here…

    care to clarify?

  3. maybe an idiot looking not the same context as you trying to solve the life bubble.
    it do sound rubbish/rediculous.
    cake = civilisation
    every new system in this civilisation bringing from the past trying to perfect the whole idea at the top and what happen to the bad idea of solving the whole bubble? rejected/ burn/ dig a grave and buried.
    does it make sense now that it look like making a cake without sugar/icing sugar?

  4. u’re pretty persistent about the whole cake theme huh??

    i’d also like to see u elaborate more on the “so why not just launch a nuke to every country and it keep the face of the earth silent forever and just leaves the best past civilization could give to the next civilization. Isn’t it solve the whole maths equation of trouble” part and “lets kill people by chemical, biological, nuclear weapons ..and another side of the nation just be happy and couldn’t be bother?” part.

    why would killing (a whole lot of) innocent people make the world a better place? how would it solve a problem when it poses other problems like close to zero population, worldwide epidemic (over-exposure to the radiation from ur nukes), mass destruction that leaves baron land as aftermaths, total annihilation of many animal species and altogether, the total wipe-out of Mother Nature’s enduring legacy.

    how would all the aforementioned help in creating Utopia?

    please, enlighten me if u might.

  5. dude, sorry was bz ystdy.

    ok, well if i`m not persistent enough; how will I`m going to explain the my idea?
    everyone has their own brilliant/ expert idea`s in helping the world to be a better place.
    *destroy is the fundamental nature of existence.nothing exist without being destroy first.*
    this may sound weirdo/mad/ illogical…I just watch about the existence of universe; how it begin way before human`s etc; basically started from a single collision between subatomic/elements in the empty space due to forces and scientist yet to figure it out.
    Mother nature takes billion to thousand of years to stablise which is current form we see from space and Mother Earth itself still moving/ growing.Look at volcano, look at weather, look at our polars, look and the core… it is constantly renewing/changing the surface, condition trying to achieve Ideal condition.So, the question; what is Ideal without changing?
    so back to human mind; solving your life bubble. What is the *Utopia* in your term Fai?
    As I`m still alive on Earth; by reading the writing; watching the world; trying to look at the farsight of human civilisation on earth since the stone age based on reading; I have yet to find the real *Utopia* a writer/ illustionist/dreamer/architect describe.
    tats why I had stated that; human nature itself is driven by greed; prejudice; disregard for life and will just destroy anything along its path to achieve the life/dream beyond from the moment he/she took the decision.

  6. *destroy is the fundamental nature of existence.nothing exist without being destroy first.*

    i guess english wouldn’t have existed in the form it is today if it weren’t ‘destroyed’ first right?

    yoyo fai

  7. hahahaha…

    u noe my brother read those comments then he asked me discreetly: “ah kor, is it bcos my english cannot pakai? i don understand a single thing he said la..”

    kah wei n i had a pretty hard time in convincing him that it’s da other way round..

    nuff said man…

  8. oh well up to you then. Maybe your English is too good that you just look down on me..
    Lost in Translation then 🙂

    Jinn; how is English formed and become world language then France, mandarin, or back home our Bahasa Malaysia?

    nuff said fai..well you still not answer me yet on the Utopia.

    I have no point of argue anything; but to question about your view.


  9. i quote the oxford advanced learner’s dictionary.

    Utopia = an imaginary place or state of things in which everything is perfect: a vain quest for a political Utopia
    go look it up on the net if this does not answer ur question.

    and hey, who’s looking down upon u man?? where’d u get a crazy idea like that? all i’m saying is that we don’t understand what u’re saying. =)

    and err, i think ur “how is English formed and become world language then France, mandarin, or back home our Bahasa Malaysia?” argument does not hold lah… cos i dont think the english language was totally destroyed before it became what it is today.

  10. SIRSC,

    I think i can understand u..

    If superman can change the world, then he would..but he would do it with an axe.. cause saving the world w/o a sword would be a life to sacrifice..It would also make coffee tasteless. Coffee can sweet if u dun put any sugar in it..but it can also be tasteless..Other people wouldnt care bout the coffee..but the world isnt the same anymore even everyone put in the same amount of sugar. the should also destroy all the salt in the world..cause it would make the coffee taste sad.. and it wouldnt be the same anymore..


    Do u understand me??

  11. hmm…

    JasonL, ur proposition seems fairly reasonable, i’d say. the whole idea of superman saving the world with an axe is unprecedented but alas, an undeniably brilliant one! of course the axe would be the obvious weapon of choice!

    but if u could expand ur argument further to include the empowerment of polar bears and the assassination of William Hung, the world would bow at ur knees for having thought of a solution of this magnitude.

    brilliant, i’d say! and more of the same!

    am i going too fast??

  12. sir sc: belittling you i am not but your comments do take up alot of my time as i’d have to read the same sentence over and over again to catch perhaps only a fraction of what you’re trying to say, what more the whole thing. i gave up somewhere in the midst of the nanogram of sugar talk 😀 so i’ve not a clue on the topic of this discussion. i’ll pass on the sugar then, teh tarik kurang manis for me

  13. It is really so, but some aspects are missed or disputable. I’ve looking for this information for a long time! What more can I find about it?

  14. well this whole idea just came to me like a big hunch. not too much research was done on the said topic but on the other hand, u can’t really dismiss it as a bunch of mindless prattle. think i’ll call it a result of deep thinking and daily observation. so are the wonders of meditation =)

  15. hey JasonL,
    hmm superman(ironman is better) ? i get your idea about coffee and salt/sugar.
    yea..u r right, if everyone do the same effort of solving the life bubble without any idea of *MONEY-Greed* as the catalyst for better life…then the whole *utopia* which Fai got from dictionary; it is possible to the end of the day; everyone want to be happy with what they have and did. =)

    Jinn: i look at nanogram of sugar because it a small cube in this world than make something taste better. Observe, why do you add tea spoon of sugar into your tea? so it taste better right? simple. Now look from space, Earth is your cup of tea, you go and take a tea spoon of sugar and add to your tea. The taste different still but yet tasteless; why?
    cost at first place, it is tasteless.Then you add sugar, still tasteless but a bit better than tasteless, so why the heck it didnt come in tea with sugar at first place?
    cost everyone taste is different and so back to the idea of solving the world bubble in large scale…
    ok sorry for drowning you .. 😛

    Fai: 6.5 billion people on earth, how it is good if everyone want to solve the problems in one simple way like you 😛
    and ya, observe the Burma & China problem by natural disaster; why did the relief & rescue take so long in Burma, when China can organise it military to do it right after disaster?
    Why the Burma Mil.Dictator reject help at first place from USA?
    and look at how many people/nation/org trying to donate money and make sure those affected are taken care ? and does all the money go thr to Burma or will just end up in someone`s pocket again?
    Tsunami 2004 good to observe; 4 yrs after that disaster..I wonder how is the place hit by tsunami now look like; and does it get any better?

  16. surprisingly yet not at all surprising, amazed no, absolutely dazzled by the complexity of ur linkage. and by ‘ur’ im sure we all know who im talking about.

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