Comprehensive Guide To Getting An HD In Monash

The title says it all.

Our <super>star of post: Mr. =)

Well, looking like a kick-ass, not-at-all-concerned-about-costume hero-for-hire with a devil-may-care attitude may help to certain degree, (no pun intended) the task that is of utmost importance here is that you follow these simple tips and we guarantee that you shall never find yourself in shortage of those little buggers called “HDs”.

Be a person of priority. First things first, no matter how inappropriate the situation may be, REJUVENATE.

All work and no play makes Johnny a dull boy. Study hard but play even harder!

Emotional needs are not to be ignored. Go ahead, fall in love with that crazy clown you always talked about.

If one does not suffice, double the amount of crazy clowns, I say!

Right, this is the part where your lecturer says “Ok class, highlight this line here, it’s going to be very important for you all to know. Coming out in exams~~” *scribble scribble highlight highlight*

All the above has got to be complemented by the actions below because without it, it’s just going to look like you’re attempting to drown your goldfish.

Sleep in class.

Just the most important thing that you should not forget, this action here works wonders (at least for him it does)!

However, we must be careful not to let complacency creep in at this stage. The things you should do next are:

Sleep in class.

Sleep in class.

Sleep in class.

Sleep Snore in class.

Sleep in class… Eh, Chun Chun what you doing here?!

Eat gum.

Then sleep in class again.

Results guaranteed.

Persons above are living testimonies to that insurance. =)




12 thoughts on “Comprehensive Guide To Getting An HD In Monash

  1. creative your ass la..i dun see you n kw sleep in the class,no wonder no HD la…haih…btw got one pic is not me, y u put there?zzz

  2. oh, n since i got da attention of u caulfied buggers, i’d like to use this opportunity to muah muah moses…

    MOSES!! MUAH MUAH!!! heeeeee =)

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