The Mel of My Life

Once again, I shall say that I consider myself a very fortunate little boy to have lots of friends. It really is a luxury that not many enjoy. University life in particular, has been nothing short of a fun-filled adventure for me and I think there’s this little miss somebody who is responsible for all this havoc in my life.

Melissa was this girl whom Jinn and I thought was from Ipoh. Ok I thought she was from Ipoh cos she looked like this girl from Ipoh but turned out that she’s not that girl from Ipoh and she is not from Ipoh and she’s definitely not very fond of Ipoh. Ipoh doesn’t really like you too Mel.

Despite her numerous warnings not to post any ugly pictures of her on my blog, I think I’ll risk it la… What are friends for anyway? Right Mel? Ok, let me describe Mel a little.

She’s the girl who looks like she’s gonna eat you when she doesn’t smile.

She’s the glutton who would push those Sushi King plates over to your side.

She’s the kid who got refused the kid’s meal because she didn’t physically look like one.

She’s the Karen Carpenter wannabe who thought the 70’s was far out.

She’s the aunty who’s still, STILL in denial.

She’s the *wahahahaha* who woke up early for Ipoh dimsum but since Ipoh doesn’t like her that much, shop closed. XD

She’s the Me’Lian’ssa who nicknamed me ‘LALA Fai’.

She’s the defector who left us at some ah beng mall in Penang for more than 2 hours.

She’s the Ribena supporter who drinks it like a baby.

She’s the LALA Mel who insists that she’s not and tries to push it to me instead.

She’s the hooker.

She’s on home soil now. See that grin?

She’s not in this picture but ok la I wished she were.

She’s the pig with the grunt who ordered a monster pizza!!

She’s the poor thing who looks like Anne Heung.

She’s the ass who dressed me up like that.

She’s the weirdo who does a thumbs-up at a certain tulip farm.

She’s the one who did it Jinn!! SHE DID IT!!!

Oh heh… We both think this picture is very nice. lol

She’s the smarty pants who suggested shaving my eyebrows. And she still does it.

Leave the hair alone woman!!

She’s the fattest Mel I’ve ever seen. Yes Mel, I insist.

Ergh… Whatever happened to this picture…

Heh… And you thought that was bad…

She’s the evil stepsister who convinced me to stay for Snow Patrol.

She’s the shorty whom I call shorty although she vehemently stresses that I not.

Ok that was really fun.  Really really fun.

However, jokes aside, there are a few reasons as to why she matters a lot to me.

She’s the friend who picked me up when I was down and out.

She’s the angel who got all protective over me when somebody suggested that a certain somebody ought to get back with me.

She’s the girlfriend who would come out ASAP whenever I said I missed her.

She’s the sister who loves me like I’m her little brother.

And one thing’s for sure, she can always count on Fai whenever she needs a shoulder to lean on.

(Go cry on Thomas’ shoulder, I don’t wanna get mucus and saliva all over me.)

She’s the Mel of my life.

Thanks babe! =)



4 thoughts on “The Mel of My Life

  1. whyyyyyy

    did u post that pic of my face gettin drawn… sob

    no more value edi….

    fai u left out one pic, the nice mel in langkawi

    remember? “I Love you ALL”

  2. I dun rememebr any of us taking any photos of her that night….. everybody was to shocked after seeing the nice side of mel…. creepy

  3. omg Fai i havent visited you blog for ages and all of sudden I just thought of it n the “sweet” little post u posted up about me! I’m feeling so nostalgic I could cry!! I’m actually meeting up with Jinn & Kat right now for dinner! Wish u were here my brother fr another mother!!

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