Peat Marwick


This picture is freakin’ amusing. lol

Anyway, I got a job.

This picture is freakin’ hilarious. lol lol lol



6 thoughts on “Peat Marwick

  1. hey mil..
    it’s been awhile eh since u dropped by here?
    anyway, im taking up the offer by kpmg, starting 2nd feb. after cny lo..
    is ur samurai dancing yet? lol

  2. samurai sedang tidurrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
    go back and see how things go.
    apply now like half tergantung since im going back soon.

    and im going back soon!!!!!!!!
    omg.. petaiiii. hahahha

    ehh language pls!
    i always drop by. tarak comment only! hahhah

  3. hahaha soli lo tai louu i dono maa…
    anyway, u come back we all can meet up la..
    past few days i met xiang yi then earlier 2day oni i met seow hui..
    all coming back adi eh?

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