Mother Earth’s Bidding

Have you ever thought that the crap in your house is a big bloody mess?

Well this is what we have to sort through every third Sunday of the month.


Yea. Pretty much everybody’s crap.

Like I said before, every THIRD SUNDAY OF THE MONTH, there will be a recycling campaign at Taman Desa, Old Klang Road where we collect all the unwanted-but-recyclable from nice folks who would rather not throw them away.


This environmentally-friendly event can be our way of saying: “Hi Mother Earth, we’ve pooped on you for far too long now and my friends and I here are trying to do what (little) we can to help save the world in our own way.”


Some have them sorted out nicely and have them transported to us by car.


Some prefer truckloads of mixed-and-mashed.

Seriously? The least you can do is to sort them out so that we can focus more on the recycling and less on the rummaging and sorting.

Listed below are the things you can send in to us:


Glass of any sort.

But please,PLEASE rinse and clean them before giving them to us.


Aluminium of any sort.


Tetra packs of any sort.


Metal/Iron of any sort.


Paper of any sort.


Unwanted clothings.


Last but not least, old and/or unusable appliances, electronic equipments of any sort.

For those of you who wish to help on the macro level, send in all your unwanted-but-recyclables to us on every third Sunday of the month between 8a.m. – 12p.m.

As for those who wish to help on the micro level, we would appreciate it immensely if you could come and help with the sorting because we are really short on manpower.

The directions to said event will be provided here on this blog if enough attention is garnered.

Therefore, if you really are interested, please leave a comment here saying so.

Friends can always just contact me on MSN.



5 thoughts on “Mother Earth’s Bidding

  1. fai,

    im really interested in this!
    always have a soft spot for mother nature.
    since im rarely on msn.
    can u let me know the fine details of how i can help out at the micro and macro level?

    hope to hear from u really soon!

  2. Fine details:

    Every 3rd Sunday of the month – 8a.m. – 12p.m.
    Macro: Just bring your recyclables to us.
    Micro: Bring a pair of gloves (optional) and bring yourself (mandatory) and join in the fun =)

    Turn left into Taman (Danau) Desa from Old Klang Road.

    After turning in there’ll be a traffic light right in front. Turn left at that light.

    Go straight and you’ll see several turn-ins on your right.

    Turn right at the 3rd turn-in if not mistaken. After turning in there should be a Public Bank on your left. That should tell you you’re on the right track.

    And finally, take the first turn-in on your right and you’ll see us.

    If you still don’t get it then call me anytime la.. I sent you my hp number on facebook adi..

  3. Well Outskirt Outreach Sir, do not despair for there might well be one in Ipoh. =)

    Actually this event is organized by this Buddhist community called the Buddhist Tzu Chi Merit Society and they’re pretty outreaching in terms of geographical coverage and I won’t be surprised to know that this event is being held all over the country.

    This certainly does not mean that you have to be a Buddhist to be eligible to join in the salvation effort. I, myself am not a Buddhist.

    I shall check on the details and let you know here, the various locations this event is being held.

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