Chinese Conquests

The journey to the East, albeit not as decorated as the one Down Under, was and still is quite an eventful one.

The lack of access to Facebook was initially depriving, but I got used to it.

So to share a little, here are some of the more colorful pictures of my life here in China.

“I can has the great wall of China”

The family tagged along for a Beijing tour.

Went on a wild goose hunt for some ‘alternative’ hotel for an assignment.

IKEA, Beijing.

Went to the great wall again, this time with classmates.

Went on a field trip to Bloomberg’s China offices.

My first halloween costume party.

Ironically, I was dressed as a pirate who has never been to a costume party before. He thought it was supposed to be a formal event. Wait, that’s not ironic at all…

Some random picture with some of my classmates.

End of semester partying at some club.

And baby that’s not what it looks like ok?

Then finally, a Christmas get-together with the classmates.

Oh, and I went home for Chinese New Year.


Beijing, China.

4:56 p.m.



I distinctly remember the time when Kat said that this movie is no good.

I watched it anyway. I liked it. December boys.

Personally I think Daniel Radcliffe’s reputation overshadowed an otherwise expectation-free independent production.

The story mainly focuses on the brotherly bond between several orphans, their pursuits for adoption and the conflicts in between.

Then I started thinking…

As I grow older I realise that if there is one thing that has always eluded me is a friendship that develops into brotherhood.

Make no mistake, the relationship I have with my brother is in no way replaceable.

Also an exception are the people who made a difference (you know who you are), special is a word insufficient to describe the extraordinary bond between us.

Heh… Writing really is a journey of self-discovery.

I started off so convinced that strong, distance-proof bonds is a commodity this poor bastard lacked.

Now I’m left knowing not how to end on the same note.

Well what do you know eh?


Beijing, China.

6:18 p.m.


…was what woke me up.

You know I think I’m gonna take up photography.

Oh like the time you said you were gonna learn how to play a guitar?

Well yea… somewhat like the time when I said I was gonna learn how to play the guitar.

But you didn’t actually learn how to play the guitar is that correct?

Yes that is correct.

Did you at least try?


Well moving on. Is your 7.1 megapixel digital camera going to be your deadly weapon?

Err…no? I think I’m gonna need a much better camera like those big ass cameras that are heavier than your laptop…kinda camera?

Right, right… So tell me, how do you plan to get your hands on one of those big ass cameras?

Well I might do some translation work, maybe teach some English, save up some money and then I’ll get one.

Just so we’re clear you’re gonna start with some beginners’ stuff here right?

Oh yeah I’m thinking of getting a low range camera, attend some photography classes here in Tsinghua – I checked, they do have those classes…so yea…start with the basics.

Ooh but you’re gonna need a mentor. You learn much faster if you have a mentor cos you get lots of practice.

Ooh I’m gonna need a mentor. Yea…


Beijing, China.

2:35 a.m.


I remember watching this documentary on Discovery about sex education.

The teacher presented one word to a whole classroom of 13 to 15 year olds – SEX.

She then asked, “What other words come to mind when you see this word?”

Every student bubbled with excitement, eager to impress with words like ‘condoms’, ‘affairs’, ‘fornication’, etc. etc.

The teacher patiently jots every word uttered onto the blackboard until the fervent gradually died down.

The aftermath saw the blackboard jam-packed with a colorful variety of words describing actions, positions, furniture, instruments, body parts, heck even a tad bit of vulgarity. One glance at that board and you’d think that these kids probably know more about sex than you do.

The teacher smiled, acknowledging the students’ enthusiasm.

She then said, “That’s about every word most people would think of. Good job.”

Just as the students were about to burst into chaotic chatters, she added, “but you also left out the one word that most people would NOT think of…”



Beijing, China.

12:21 a.m.

Uh Oh…

By pure damn luck I stumbled upon the fact that WordPress just got unbanned.

So… Hello world.

To whoever that’s still reading,  I’M BACK.

Let’s start with a little update.  I am currently doing a 2 year (Sept 09′ – July 11′) post-grad course in Beijing, China.

I am studying in Tsinghua University, staying on campus (building 20), and if you’re anywhere nearby, this is the number to call to reach me: 158 1002 9448.

Also, regarding the first sentence, since a little after the 08′ Olympics the Chinese government decided to ban all English/Western blogs, Facebook, and Youtube.

That sort of explains why I’ve been inactive for this retarded period of time.

Still, me being able to access WordPress now may turn out to be a fluke so fingers crossed…

New look, new post, new blog name, but still the boy you knew.

Hope you guys had a great new year and I wish everyone a happy year ahead.


Beijing, China

10:15 p.m.