Uh Oh…

By pure damn luck I stumbled upon the fact that WordPress just got unbanned.

So… Hello world.

To whoever that’s still reading,  I’M BACK.

Let’s start with a little update.  I am currently doing a 2 year (Sept 09′ – July 11′) post-grad course in Beijing, China.

I am studying in Tsinghua University, staying on campus (building 20), and if you’re anywhere nearby, this is the number to call to reach me: 158 1002 9448.

Also, regarding the first sentence, since a little after the 08′ Olympics the Chinese government decided to ban all English/Western blogs, Facebook, and Youtube.

That sort of explains why I’ve been inactive for this retarded period of time.

Still, me being able to access WordPress now may turn out to be a fluke so fingers crossed…

New look, new post, new blog name, but still the boy you knew.

Hope you guys had a great new year and I wish everyone a happy year ahead.


Beijing, China

10:15 p.m.


6 thoughts on “Uh Oh…

  1. I sense sarcasm…
    Anyway, I cant access blogspot yet… all wordpress can but anything else cannot…
    but now that i can blog again, i’ll make sure that i’ll do it as often as possible la..
    eh y u suddenly read my blog wan?

  2. i have always read your blog one… hahahaha
    actually at my blog below your name got show the latest post one ma… then i see, eh? not the chinese thing adi wor… hahahha

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