I remember watching this documentary on Discovery about sex education.

The teacher presented one word to a whole classroom of 13 to 15 year olds – SEX.

She then asked, “What other words come to mind when you see this word?”

Every student bubbled with excitement, eager to impress with words like ‘condoms’, ‘affairs’, ‘fornication’, etc. etc.

The teacher patiently jots every word uttered onto the blackboard until the fervent gradually died down.

The aftermath saw the blackboard jam-packed with a colorful variety of words describing actions, positions, furniture, instruments, body parts, heck even a tad bit of vulgarity. One glance at that board and you’d think that these kids probably know more about sex than you do.

The teacher smiled, acknowledging the students’ enthusiasm.

She then said, “That’s about every word most people would think of. Good job.”

Just as the students were about to burst into chaotic chatters, she added, “but you also left out the one word that most people would NOT think of…”



Beijing, China.

12:21 a.m.


4 thoughts on “Bereft

  1. oit!!

    yea im finally back =)

    i noe la who else is going kookies? haha

    doing fine here.. actually i just came back here from KL like 2 3 weeks ago..

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