…was what woke me up.

You know I think I’m gonna take up photography.

Oh like the time you said you were gonna learn how to play a guitar?

Well yea… somewhat like the time when I said I was gonna learn how to play the guitar.

But you didn’t actually learn how to play the guitar is that correct?

Yes that is correct.

Did you at least try?


Well moving on. Is your 7.1 megapixel digital camera going to be your deadly weapon?

Err…no? I think I’m gonna need a much better camera like those big ass cameras that are heavier than your laptop…kinda camera?

Right, right… So tell me, how do you plan to get your hands on one of those big ass cameras?

Well I might do some translation work, maybe teach some English, save up some money and then I’ll get one.

Just so we’re clear you’re gonna start with some beginners’ stuff here right?

Oh yeah I’m thinking of getting a low range camera, attend some photography classes here in Tsinghua – I checked, they do have those classes…so yea…start with the basics.

Ooh but you’re gonna need a mentor. You learn much faster if you have a mentor cos you get lots of practice.

Ooh I’m gonna need a mentor. Yea…


Beijing, China.

2:35 a.m.


One thought on “Hunger

  1. finally u’ve updated ur blog! love tat clubbin pic of u with ur hands up! haha..classic Fai kinda pic..yea u always have to look a bit weird in most of ur keep postin & i’ll send u printshots of my blog!

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