Chinese Conquests

The journey to the East, albeit not as decorated as the one Down Under, was and still is quite an eventful one.

The lack of access to Facebook was initially depriving, but I got used to it.

So to share a little, here are some of the more colorful pictures of my life here in China.

“I can has the great wall of China”

The family tagged along for a Beijing tour.

Went on a wild goose hunt for some ‘alternative’ hotel for an assignment.

IKEA, Beijing.

Went to the great wall again, this time with classmates.

Went on a field trip to Bloomberg’s China offices.

My first halloween costume party.

Ironically, I was dressed as a pirate who has never been to a costume party before. He thought it was supposed to be a formal event. Wait, that’s not ironic at all…

Some random picture with some of my classmates.

End of semester partying at some club.

And baby that’s not what it looks like ok?

Then finally, a Christmas get-together with the classmates.

Oh, and I went home for Chinese New Year.


Beijing, China.

4:56 p.m.


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