Smelly Tofu & A Rather Delightful Sunday

Smelly tofu.

It smelled so bad I almost threw up on the table. Serious.

I’ve been meaning to give it a try to see what the fuss was about.


Only problem was that my breath then turned foul.


The weather is gradually becoming Malaysian-friendly now so we decided to go take some pictures.

We were at Tsinghua’s School of Arts.

As usual, I borrowed Calvin’s Nikon D80 and he borrowed a friend’s Canon 5D MarkII.

Steve had his Canon 550D but in the end succumbed to the pure awesomeness of (our model’s) Nikon D700.

Here are some of the better pictures.

This is Calvin falling prey to Canon’s marketing strategy.

Steve with his 550D before observing some stark shortcomings in Stacie (he named it Stacie) when compared to D700. Apples and oranges Steve…

Red frames.

The giant egg in the middle of nowhere.

The head that had grass growing out of.


She was our model of the day – Rong En.

Our other Chinese mode ffk-ed cos… well… cos she ffk lo!

3/4 Korean and 1/4 Japanese and the proud owner of a certain D700.

The pictures of her are really average if not bad cos I admit – I suck.

Simple as ding dong.

Still, looking forward to learn and improve.

Our next destination: 植物园 (direct translation: “plants garden”)

Apparently now with the sun finally out from hibernation mode  it’s gonna be very pretty.

We’ve already secured the modelling services of Rong En + the ffk-ed Chinese girl so hopefully things turn out fine.


Beijing, China.

1:16 a.m.


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