798 Fancy Pants

Went to Beijing’s art district, 798 with Calvin, Susan & Susan, and new roommate Jun. Again.

There weren’t too many things to take pictures of cos let’s face it, there were too many people and we’ve been there quite a number of times already but yea Jun was new here so we wanted to bring him around.

Most of these pictures were taken by Calvin; only 1 or 2 by me cos again, I still suck pretty bad.

So yea, here are some pictures from that day that we all declared a good one.

This was my best picture of the day. Which really doesn’t say much of my skills.

Then we toyed a little with Calvin’s super wide angle lense. That be Susan.

That be Jun.


That be Susan.

That be Calvin.

Still playing with the wide angle.


Hamsap spotted.

Then we decided to use this rather peculiar wall as background…

…for jumping shots!!!1!!!11!!1!!1

Failed impression of Ip Man.

Dhalsim vs. E. Honda

Nike – Run on air.


And there’s always the obligatory super-most-handsomemest-guy-on-earth pose =D

Up next, sceneries around Tsinghua and Beijing’s botanical garden.

Stay tuned.


Beijing, China.

1:03 p.m.


2 thoughts on “798 Fancy Pants

  1. wahahha..

    bunny!! u re still hilarious as ever.

    btw, the shot of the little girl with the statute butt is a good one! can make it into a card or postcard. =)

  2. ENLL!!! heeeeeeee….

    how u la? where u working now?

    that shot was quite ok la.. i quite like it but nola not good enough 2 be postcard material la lol

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