Downloaded the beta and clicked around.


It’s very different as compared to what Warcraft represents but my personal preference makes Warcraft 3 look so inept.


Beijing, China.

2: 43 a.m.


I Broke My Favorite Mug

I broke my favorite mug.

I broke my favorite mug.

I broke my favorite mug.

I’m so sad I broke my favorite mug.

In remembrance of how great a mug you were, I shall mourn your untimely demise for as long as it takes.

I love you mug and I will never forget you.

Mug, may you now rest in peace.


Beijing, China.

8:51 p.m.

Tsinghua Fashion/Modeling Show

This was quite some time ago but I never got around to posting it.

So I attended this show about 2 or 3 weeks ago. Calvin, with his seemingly bottomless pit of contacts, managed to get me a D90  plus entrance to the show as a photo-reporter (we not only got ringside seats, we could go wherever we wanted as long as we’re taking pictures).

Here are some of the better pictures. Enjoy.



A little disclaimer here, my taste in girls should not be the topic of discussion here, the focus here are the pictures.

Again, enjoy!


Beijing, China.

2:33 a.m.

Not Too Shabby, Not

I really haven’t been to too many talent shows or anything of that sort.

But what I just came back from has to be one of the lamest, most poorly orchestrated talent shows I’ve ever seen.

So bad that I had a perfectly good Nikon D90 in my hands and I did NOT wanna use it.


Beijing, China.

9.59 p.m.

Tsinghua & the Beijing Botanical Garden

Little known to the outside “non-communistic” world, my current university – Tsinghua University, had earlier been voted as one of the world’s 14 most beautiful campuses. If not mistaken it was ranked number 8 or 9 on the list and it was the only Asian university that made the cut. In case you wondered, Harvard, RMIT, Oxford, etc. topped the list.

Anyway,  here are some amatuer-ish pictures of sceneries around Tsinghua. And I’m happy to say that I took all these pictures =D Well it’s mainly because Calvin didn’t give me his pictures. Haha.  

This is one of the many, many gardens inside Tsinghua.

It’s so tranquil and serene around here, had you built a house and lived in the midst of this, you’ll probably outlive your grandfather.

Did I mention that Tsinghua is so big that it has old folks’ homes and primary schools within its compound?

Well maybe all these is the reason why. I wouldn’t mind growing old here.

Every evening you see old people, usually with kids roaming these gardens.

This is the famous 水木清华. Well, only famous within the Chinese community.

Its fame is due to the fact that there was once a prominent Chinese poet called 朱自清 and he wrote a poem entitled <荷塘月色>. This exact place was purportedly his inspiration for said poem. If you look carefully, you’ll see a stone statue of him.

This is the result of perseverance and still hands. Calvin taught me how to create that water effect.

The school of journalism and communication. The place where I attend classes.

The ivy-crawling-all-over-the-building sight is pretty common here in Tsinghua. Pretty sight, really.


A group of us paid the Beijing Botanical Garden a visit. Nothing special really but then again, we had a model.

Most pictures here onwards are taken by Calvin. It’s not a very lovely picture of the man but pictures of the cameraman are usually not, simply because he couldn’t have been the one to take it.

Was quite a hot day and I was the only dumbass who wore jeans. I know. Fuck.

Wendy, whose Cantonese has apparently improved by leaps and bounds because she gets to practice with Calvin and I. She’s a Chinese American with roots in Hong Kong.

According to Calvin, he’s an uber-skilled photo journalist who works with China’s Xinhua Agency. He also sells potatos outside the Beijing Botanical Garden during his free time. I kid I kid… 小居 helped us with lighting that day.

That’s Susan U.K. Susan U.S. left early cos she had to teach English.

Steve & Stacie were there too.

And then there was this cat…

小马 was our model of the day. She was the one who ffk-ed the last time.

Stay tuned for more Chinese conquests.


Beijing, China.

8.10 p.m.