Nike – Write The Future

Little did Nike know, football boots and pretty boys don’t write the future.

Drogba and Ivory Coast – Didn’t survive theĀ group stage

Cannavaro and Italy – Didn’t survive the group stage (even New Zealand got more points, mind you)

Rooney and England – Lost 4-1 to Germany

Ribery and France – Didn’t survive the group stage (Boohoo what a shocker)

Ronaldinho and Brazil – Lost 2-1 to Netherlands (Ronaldinho wasn’t even in the team)

Ronaldo and Portugal – Lost 1-0 to Spain (Aww poor pussy..I mean baby don’t cry)

Interestingly, the two teams that were depicted to be frustrated, Spain (in reaction to England’s triumph) and Netherlands (in unfavorable position against Portugal), are both doing very well.

Well they got one thing (or rather person) right – Kobe Bryant did win the NBA championship with the Lakers this year.

Tiger Woods and hisĀ “flip-flops” must feel rather vindicated.

P.S.: Going back to KL in a few days. See you guys then!


Beijing, China.

6: 26 p.m.