About ah-fai

Behold the resurrection of ‘the pencil!

Behold the resurrection of 'the pencil'!

“Aku sebatang pensil. Badan aku diperbuat daripada kayu dan sejenis bahan yang dipanggil aku-tak-tahu-itu-panggil-apa-in-BM-neh-itu-hitam-hitam-punya. Pada suatu hari, seorang budak yang kacak membeli aku dari kedai ‘that I reside in'(bahasa moden) dan pulang ke rumahnya dengan hati yang meriah kerana aku sekacak dia. Dia sangat gembira kerana dapat cari sebatang pensil yang begitu gaya designnya. Dia terlalu suka hati sehingga plastik beg bocor pun tak tahu. MCB ENGKAU CCB Aku terjatuh ke dalam longkang dan di situ-lah aku spend aku punya whole miserable life. gg.”

Phew… That was so much harder than I thought it would be. If you were wondering, I got an A2 for BM in my SPM so I guess that explains a lot huh? Alrighty then, we’ve had enough of low-life languages already ah-fai, let’s proceed to the ‘my name is ah-fai’ section. Yeap, my name is ah-fai. More often than not, I’m simply known as Fai. It doesn’t really make worldly differences at first glance but trust me, it does to most of the people I know of. “Objectivity over subjectivity; dispassion, not bias” (Wikipedia, 2007) is my favorite quote for a reason and did I mention that my name is ah-fai?

My BM results, one third of my name and my favorite quote is as far as this page gets. I have been posting on Tancube for the past eventful year alongside Jinn Tan and Hiresh Tan (and will still be) so please, feel free to head on over and give it some love.

And as for my loyal and treasured ‘angkuku‘ readers, welcome to ah-fai@wordpress.

F.A.Q: Are you…?

Answer: No, I’m not a pencil.



7 thoughts on “About ah-fai

  1. hi this is sasha and athena,,,we at school and really dont no how we got here on this thing,,,one question are you all chinese? we live in england,,we love chinese people!lol

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