Visitor Lounge Bar

Very, very active.

Like fellow WordPress blogger Joshua, every time I look at those stats, I see the amount of people who stumble upon my blog everyday, I can’t help but let curiosity take over – “who’s reading?”

Sure the usual readers I know who but hey, I won’t say no to an extra reader or two, just curious as to who you people actually are. All are welcomed here at ahfai@wordpress. =)


You shun from the glazing limelight…


You love being part of the mixer and don’t really mind the attention…


Yoda, you are…


Yoda’s evil twin, you are…


Heck, even if you’re a flying gay retard…


Please, stamp a mark on this stretch of the beach until you come back in 10 years’ time.

I’d love to find out who actually reads so if you’re kind enough, plaster your name across the scoreboard by leaving a reply here and put this curious cat out of his misery.

Random chatters, greetings, spasms and nuclear warheads are also welcomed. =)



32 thoughts on “Visitor Lounge Bar

  1. Doodle doodle doodle last day of exams…. woohoohoooo…. dota marathon, heroes marathon, fifa manager marathon, soccer marathon, marathon marathon………..

  2. haha… yes boss follow you wan but eh, got quote you wert so not plagiarism la.. haha…. but yea wert, very curious as to who are reading.. are you not?

  3. yeala… we have all sorts of marathons should have a study marathon oso.. start buying books for next sem faster do tutes adi.. if not no time to study when it comes to finals..

  4. aiksss
    i also havent finished my freaking exam and wanna say buy books for nex sem d?

    ‘tiu kang du you tau hei’ la!!!!

  5. mil..hou dei dei jou meh you diu geng jek…hehe…
    fai dun b bitchy…i noe u finished exam d…but i’m sorta relax gan also…lol…

  6. heeeeeeee…………………. finish adiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii……………..
    how many papers more to go? we now chillin chillin syokress syokress adiiiiiiiiiiiiii…….

  7. under the sea…under the sea…
    stil got one more paper tomorrow…and i wonder why i stil got time to post crap here…haha…
    jinn…yiu yau gon shui mou…haha…

  8. haiya noob la u kenny still got paper… we doneeeeee….. we all joined the ‘laugh club’ founded by kathryn. all we ever do is laugh at people who still have exams.. laugh laugh laugh

  9. god decided to spare me my life

    so im awake from the dead.

    in fact, i guess im nearer to u ppl in aussie d compared to kl since im in the land of the indons now



    hows life ppl????!!!!!!!!

    long time nvr chat or hear from u people d!

  10. oi milimilimilmil… we’re doing great! esther came and gave me nice surprise so we’re having the time of our lives here.. haha..

    oh ya, we went to try your pancake parlour adi.. very nice ah.. =)

  11. ahhhhhhhhh

    esther is there???????????????

    im sure u smile till kin cha ng kin ngan.

    i want pancake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i want max brenner!!!!!!!!!!!!

    life is so unfair..
    well who says it is right?

    glad that ure having a blast there!

  12. yea esther’s here.. explains why I’ve been away from the blog for a few days now.. will be posting about our little adventures soon.. =)

  13. i want my face to be there..

    i mean my pic on who posted in this topic..

    but im sure wordpress doesnt allow it.. booooo

  14. u switch to wordpress la then mai allow lo… seriously girl, wordpress is GOOD.. Jinn also using wordpress.. he’s still setting up his blog.. not ready yet i suppose..

  15. eyy mil…. i noe abit late to reply now la but better than not replying rite? haha…
    going gold coast in a few hours.. wont be going to NZ so soon… will post pics ASAP..

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